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Local Inflation Jumps 8.2% Over The Last Five Years; Wages Don't Keep Pace With inflation in Kuwait on the rise since 2017, and particularly in the last two years, the subject of whether compensation increases have kept pace with inflation is one worth considering. Consum... April 21, 2022 142 Category: Kuwait
Local Egg Shortage Expected To Continue For Atleast 6 Months The egg shortage crisis is expected to continue atleast for a period of 6 months agricultural expert, Eng. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Fraih, told Arabic daily Al Rai, noting that this period is needed by pou... April 12, 2021 920 Category: Kuwait
No Shortage Of Local Workforce, Can Do Without Expats The Civil Service Commission (CSC) called for the application of the replacement policy to psychological and social workers after excluding them last year due to the shortage of manpower in these fiel... January 12, 2021 750 Category: Expats
News On Banned 34 Countries Feeds Hope For Local Economy  In reaction to what was published by Al-Rai daily, concerning the requirement of the health authorities in the event the citizens of the 34 countries who are stranded outside the country are all... November 14, 2020 1430 Category: Travel
Auction Of Local Fish Returns To ‘normal’ The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the public auction for the sale of local fish will return to what it called ‘normal’ beginning from Saturday, immediately after the noon pra... October 19, 2020 381 Category: Business
Sabah Of Goodness And Charity Worked For Local, Global Peace “ALL humanity was affected by its various orientations and diversities by the demise of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah after he spent a long life in performing his national... October 07, 2020 463 Category: Opinion
Shortage Of Parsley, Fresh Coriander In Market A number of Kuwaitis and expatriates bitterly complain about the shortage of vegetables especially coriander, parsley and dill in the local market over the past few days – a shortage caused by t... August 26, 2020 732 Category: Food
Local Hire Resigning After 1 Year Of Service I am a local hire. Finished one year with this company. I would like to resign but I am not sure I signed one year or 2 years contract. Since I am local hire can I resign regardless of years or not? ... December 31, 2019 1526 Category: Legal
MoC Suspends Local Telegram Service Ministry of Communications has suspended the local telegram service for sending condolences and congratulations, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting a reliable source. He explained that the service has... December 24, 2019 385 Category: Kuwait
Engineer Being Stopped From Giving Resignation – Local Transfer I am currently working as Engineer for a particular company and deployed as contractor for another company. I have resigned from my post and the company I am deployed with is stopping my resignation a... September 24, 2019 2332 Category: Legal
Local Transfer For Project Visa My friend had come to Kuwait on normal Article 18 Visa to one of the biggest retail companies in Middle East; however he completed 4 years and then transferred the residency to another company which w... September 01, 2019 5104 Category: Project Visa
Asian Expat Arrested For Peddling 1,200 Bottles Of Local And Foreign Liquor Security operatives attached to Jahra Command apprehended an Asian expatriate for peddling in local liquor at Qasr District, Jahra. The officers monitored the bus used by the Asian in operating his il... June 16, 2019 957 Category: Crime News
Mandatory To Keep The Visa For 6 Months For Local Transfer I am an engineering graduate with NOC from Kuwait Society of Engineers & would like to know about transfer of residency from my current company. My entry visa to Kuwait is 18 ahli (private) but cu... May 04, 2019 1846 Category: Legal
Local Finance Companies Considering Raising Limits Of Real Estate Guarantees Some local finance companies are considering raising the limits of their real estate guarantees required by the customer by an additional 33 percent from the current rate. This step aims at reducin... April 08, 2019 303 Category: Business
Local Banks Provide Central Bank Database Of Transactions Local banks have begun to provide the Central Bank of Kuwait with a broad database of customer transactions during the period 2008-2018 to conduct a study analyzing the behavior and trends of banking ... April 04, 2019 423 Category: Business
Bourse Rank To Lure $2.5bn Kuwait’s stock exchange looks set to secure foreign investment worth $2.5 billion after it improved its ranking in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, Kuwait National Investment Company said on Tue... April 03, 2019 354 Category: Business
Motorist Has Been Asked To Pay The Damage To Local Bank Branch An unidentified motorist has been asked to pay the damage to local bank branch after he allegedly drove his four-wheel drive into the façade of the bank, reports Al-Anba daily. Calling the i... March 25, 2019 400 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Stresses Role Of Local Bodies In Settling Disputes Kuwait underlined the important role of regional organizations in settling disputes, particularly when the UN cannot confront such disputes on its own. Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to th... March 10, 2019 277 Category: International
Local Transfer Transfer To Another Company Before 1 Yr I have spent 4.5 years working in Kuwait. Sir 7 month ago I changed my visa to another company. I am a degree holder, now I get a good job, can I change my visa again ? Name withheld  Answer:... January 18, 2019 758 Category: Legal
Total Deposits At Local Banks Reach KD 43.083 Billion Over the past five years, from mid-December 2013 to mid-December 2018, the average price of Kuwait’s barrel of oil dropped from US$ 105.9 per barrel in mid-December 2013 to about US$ 59.3 per ba... December 21, 2018 426 Category: Business
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