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Pet Lion Wandering on Roads Caught and Handed Over to the Owner A report was received by the Ministry of Interior about a lion wandering on the roads in Sabahiya area which sparked panic. The environmental police went to the place along with the owner of the lion ... January 01, 2022 1548 Category: Kuwait
Lion Bites Off Two-year-old Girl’s Hand In Yemen Zoo A two-year-old Yemeni girl has had her left hand amputated after being bitten by a lion during her family visit to the zoo in Ibb governorate in Yemen, media reported. Reports said the toddler put ... December 13, 2021 834 Category: Crime News
Hunt For A Lioness Cub Hidden By Kuwaiti Citizen A Kuwait female citizen had gone with her 25 yr old son to the zoo along with a lioness cub to hand over to the zoo authorities as it would be a danger to them at home. When environmental police arriv... August 03, 2021 515 Category: Crime News
Saudi Authorities Arrested A Man For Walking With A Lion At Jeddah Road Saudi Arabia's security authorities arrested a man after he was seen walking with a lion on a main road in the Jeddah city. The arrest of a man came after the security agencies were informed th... September 25, 2019 502 Category: Saudi Arabia
Lion Of Hawally Interrogated In New Financial Corruption Case Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalifa, aka ‘Lion of Hawally’ is being interrogated in a new case of financial corruption in the Interior Ministry other than the ‘hospitality expenses’, repor... November 23, 2018 746 Category: Crime News
Bank Accounts Of Lion Of Hawalli, Family Frozen The Central Bank has issued circulars to all local banks to freeze the accounts of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalifa, known as Lion of Hawalli and that of the members of his family (wife and children), reports ... November 07, 2018 357 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Frightened By Kuwaiti With His Lion, Lion Seized An Egyptian working for a livestock pen in Kabd has filed a complaint with the police accusing a Kuwaiti neighbor of frightening him with his lion, reports Al-Shahed daily. During interrogation the... April 02, 2018 435 Category: Crime News
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