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Light Rain Expected From This Wednesday: Meteorologist Issa Ramadan Starting from this Wednesday, Kuwait may witness light rains in some part of the country, Meteorologist Issa Ramadan said. The chances of rain will increase by Thursday, he said. These rains may be... October 25, 2021 597 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Light Rainfall For 3 Days - Weather Expert Weather expert Adel Al-Saadoun said the country will experience light rainfall for three days, followed by low temperatures, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Saadoun told the daily the temperature will d... November 17, 2019 1735 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait Production Of Light Crude Currently Stands At 180,000 Bpd Kuwait’s production of light crude currently stands at 180,000 barrels a day, according to director of production operations and gas projects at the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Ali Al-Kandari, rep... December 30, 2018 486 Category: Business
Unstable Weather With Active Dusty Winds And Light Rain  Weather forecaster in the Meteorological department Abdul Aziz Mutlaq Al-Qarawi predicted Thursday that weather conditions during the coming days will be unstable with active dusty winds with a ... December 28, 2018 662 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait Says Light Crude Production Sits At 180,000 Barrels Per Day  Kuwait currently churns out around 180,000 barrels of light crude oil per day, in addition to half a billion cubic feet of free gas, state-run Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) said on Tuesday. Light ... December 26, 2018 401 Category: Kuwait
Light To Moderate Rain Expected From Wednesday Meteorologist Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi stressed that the rain forecast for Wednesday evening through Friday morning will be light to moderate, and there is no need to warn about it except for regular prec... December 04, 2018 383 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Experts Shed Light On World Economic Outlook - Its Implications For Kuwait While global economic expansion remains broadly solid, Professor Maurice Obstfeld, the IMF’s Economic Counsellor and Research Department Director, shared that it had become less balanced across ... November 14, 2018 359 Category: Business
Price Spike Seen For Kuwait Light Crude Oil – Demand High On the occasion of Kuwait’s first light crude oil shipment, MP Osama Al-Shaheen praised all the concerned officials and employees for their efforts in making such a milestone possible; pointing ... November 09, 2018 673 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Holds Ceremony To Mark First Light Crude Export Under the auspices of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Kuwait on Wednesday held a ceremony to inaugurate the Gulf state’s first shipment of light crude oil. Upon... November 08, 2018 380 Category: Kuwait
Markaz Seminar Sheds Light On Investment Opportunities Kuwait Financial Center “Markaz” organized a seminar for its clients and investors titled “Investing in Kuwait Stock Market: The Latest Developments and Emerging Opportunities”... October 21, 2018 511 Category: Business
Hot Weather With Variable Light Winds To Dominate Kuwait's Weekend Weather in Kuwait will be predominantly hot with variable light winds through the weekend, said a Kuwaiti meteorologist Thursday. Speaking to KUNA, meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said that tempe... September 28, 2018 548 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Congratulation Kuwait For Super Light Crude Oil Finally 72 years after the first cargo shipment of Kuwait Export Crude (KEC), Kuwait will begin exporting its super light crude oil with 48 API to the world from the end of this month. So far, Kuwait ... June 10, 2018 2762 Category: Economics
Heavy Duty Driving License To Light License Thank you for all the great legal advices and guidance you are providing for the expats in Kuwait. I received my heavy-duty driving license in 2006 and which expire in 2017. My job title was driver. N... July 22, 2017 3494 Category: Driving License
Kuwaiti Mission Sheds Light On Efforts Against Terrorism The State of Kuwait Permanent Mission to the UN agencies here has organized seminars shedding light on the Gulf country's efforts in confronting terrorism. The gatherings were held on sidelines... May 27, 2017 533 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Holds Marathon To Shine Light On Cancer Under the slogan, "Sports Beats Cancer", men and women from across Kuwait turned out in droves on Saturday for a marathon sponsored by the Public Authority for Sports (PAS), in con... February 04, 2017 1669 Category: Kuwait
Breaking Red Light The Farwaniya police during a crackdown against the truck and bus drivers have issued 15 citations for jumping the red traffic light and 15 others for committing other violations. The 15 drivers, who ... February 27, 2016 2730 Category: Kuwait
Man Beats Roommate For Switching On Light A carpenter was sentenced to three months in jail for beating up his colleague, who switched on the light after returning from work, for disturbing his sleep. In May, the 33-year-old Thai carpent... February 23, 2016 3093 Category: Kuwait
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