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Final Touches Put To New Curricula Of Primary And Intermediate Levels Ministry of Education, represented by the Educational Research and Curricula Sector, put its final touches on the new curricula for the primary and intermediate levels, and will soon submit them to th... December 20, 2020 358 Category: Information
Saudi Arabia Bans Imports Of Egyptian Strawberries Over High Pesticide Levels Saudi Arabia issued on Sunday a temporarily ban on imports of Egyptian strawberries over concerns of high levels of pesticides, the ban will start from July 11, 2017.   SOURCE : AYMANM... June 18, 2017 1480 Category: Information
Kuwait Temperature Rises Above Normal Levels - Meteorologist Kuwait's temperature has reached an abnormal level of 50 degrees Celsius, according to meteorologist Essa Ramadan at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Ramadan informed news agency th... August 03, 2016 917 Category: Information
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