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The Agenda Of The National Assembly Session Includes Several Topics KUWAIT: The National Assembly will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday for regular sessions to debate items on its work agenda, including the interpellation of Foreign Minister and State Minister for Cabine... February 08, 2022 198 Category: Information
Protesters Rally For Women's Rights And Freedoms KUWAIT: Yesterday, more than 150 people gathered at Irada Square in front of the National Assembly to protest violations of women's rights and freedoms. "Kuwait is a civil country regulated b... February 08, 2022 163 Category: Legal
Several Environmental Laws Are Violated By Cement Mixing Trucks On a daily basis, cement mixing trucks break environmental rules in plain daylight, as drivers disregard legal processes and continue to dump cement waste in open and desert regions, on roadways, and ... February 07, 2022 121 Category: Kuwait
Legal Violations In Cleaning Contracts Cost State KD 20m The committee that was formed to look into the irregularities in the Municipal Council related to the cleaning contracts has come to the conclusion that there was no oversight or accountability and ma... February 04, 2021 322 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis To Be Hired In Municipal Legal Dept Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Dr Rana Al-Fares has called for the reappointment of Kuwaiti citizens in the Municipal Legal Department under the degree of “Law... January 15, 2021 999 Category: Information
Violating Nurseries To Face Legal Action The Ministry of Social Affairs has completed updating the data of 261 nurseries upon requests of their owners but the ministry stressed legal action will be taken against the violators of the ministry... January 05, 2021 478 Category: Information
Municipality Urged To Abide By Legal Study Period Municipal Council member Dr Hassan Kamal has called on officials in the Kuwait Municipality, to abide by the legal period to study the proposals of members of the Municipal Council, and he suggested a... December 06, 2020 276 Category: Automotive
PAM Affirms Its Commitment To Provide Workers Legal Protection Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Ahmed Al-Mousa on Monday stressed the authority’s commitment to providing legal protection and ensuring an appropriate work environmen... December 01, 2020 266 Category: Information
MoH Health Inspectors Demand Their Rights For Legal Recognition About 300 health inspectors working in the Ministry of Health have submitted grievances to the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health concerning the Law No. 70/2020 on the medical practice an... November 03, 2020 576 Category: Health
Assaulters To Face Legal Action The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry said the suspects in the beating incident at the Salmi border post have been released after two days ... November 01, 2020 488 Category: Crime News
Free Legal Advise For Indians; Embassy Issue List Of Lawyers The Embassy of India issued a list of Kuwait-based Indian lawyers, who have expressed their willingness to provide free of cost voluntary advice on legal matters to Indian residents of Kuwait. The ... November 01, 2020 905 Category: Automotive
Kuwait FM Vows Legal Action Against Selling Service Barcodes The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry warned on Saturday that it would take the appropriate legal action to deter any bid to sell barcodes for consular services and to monitor and thwart wrongdoings. The ... November 01, 2020 420 Category: Kuwait
Legal Loopholes Sealed As Eye On Many Companies ‘violating’ Laws The concerned regulatory authorities have launched extensive campaigns to inspect the transactions of a large number of companies, especially those dealing in real estate, gold, insurance, and currenc... October 26, 2020 327 Category: Crime News
The Ministry Of Interior: We Deal With Wedding Invitations And Took Legal Measures Against Their Owners The Ministry of Interior announced that, through its follow-up to prevent the holding of gatherings in all parts of the country, it dealt with a number of wedding and gathering invitations contrary to... October 22, 2020 378 Category: Kuwait
Call To Amend Legal Status – Oct 11 Deadline To Register Mobile Vehicles Public Relations and Media Department Director at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and official spokesperson of the authority Aseel Al-Mazyad announced that the deadline for mobile vehicle owne... October 05, 2020 590 Category: Information
Manpower: The Deadline For Amending The Legal Status Of Mobile Vehicle Owners Will Expire On October 11th The Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, spokesperson for the Public Authority for Manpower, Aseel Al-Mazed, stated that the deadline granted by the authority to mobile vehicle owner... September 26, 2020 566 Category: Information
MoH Sent Legal And Financial Delegation To Kuwait’s Health Office In Frankfurt Ministry of Health has sent a legal and financial delegation to Kuwait’s Health Office in Frankfurt to check overdue invoices (bills) issued for the treatment received by Kuwaiti patients at hos... December 02, 2019 356 Category: Business
Migrant Workers Do Not Enjoy Adequate Legal Protection In Kuwait The Human Rights Watch (HRW) has acknowledged the fact that the Kuwaiti government reforms continue to be carried out in respect of the file of the expatriates during 2018, but at the same time confir... January 20, 2019 529 Category: Kuwait
Legal Action Vowed Against 4,770 Loan Defaulters Statistics issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait show 4,770 people have taken about 5,250 loans worth 59 million dinars since the beginning of this year and legal action is expected to be initiated aga... December 30, 2018 645 Category: Crime News
Early Retirement Law Contains Negative Points And Legal Errors Professor of Actuarial Sciences and Insurance at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the Kuwait University, Dr Mahmoud Behbehani, said “the early retirement law contains some positive poin... December 21, 2018 468 Category: Kuwait
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