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Fear Prosecution Will Enter Political Dispute MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri has posted on his Twitter account that he expects certain key issues to surface soon. He said lawsuits will be filed against a number of MPs who have had disputes with HH the Pri... June 26, 2021 259 Category: Kuwait
Administrative Court Dismisses Lawsuit To Cancel Paper-based Examination The Administrative Court gives a go-ahead to the Ministry of Education to organize the 12th std. examination. The court dismissed the appeal filed to cancel the paper-based examination, Al-Rai daily r... May 23, 2021 361 Category: Kuwait
First Court Session To Hear Lawsuit To Halt Curfew On Wednesday The Court has set a session for Wednesday, to judge the lawsuit calling for an end to the partial curfew, which was officially implemented on Sunday. The lawsuit was filed on an urgent basis, urging f... March 09, 2021 920 Category: Lockdown
$20 Trillion Lawsuit Against China! US Group Says Coronavirus Is Bioweapon A $20 trillion lawsuit has been filed against Chinese authorities in the US over coronavirus outbreak. American lawyer Larry Klayman and his advocacy group Freedom Watch along with Texas company Buzz ... March 25, 2020 3423 Category: Coronavirus
Lawsuit Filed By Government To Ban Twitter Postponed The court has postponed hearing into the lawsuit filed by the government to ban the social networking site Twitter in Kuwait to give government defense team time to photograph and prepare documents, r... November 10, 2019 249 Category: Crime News
Court Rejected A Lawsuit Filed By A Son Against His Mother To Refer To Psychiatric Institution The Court of Appeals has upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance that rejected a lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti citizen against his mother through which he asked the court to refer his mo... June 03, 2019 252 Category: Crime News
Catering Company Filed A Lawsuit Against MP Askar Al-Enezi For Refusing To Pay For Services Worth KD 34,000 A catering company has filed a lawsuit against MP Askar Al-Enezi after he failed to pay KD 34,000 for the company for services – banquets provided on social occasions, reports Al-Qabas daily. ... March 13, 2019 352 Category: Crime News
Court Rejects Lawsuit The Family Court dismissed an oath-of-condemnation lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti man against his estranged wife, citing insufficient evidences that the denial of paternity was issued within the first sev... February 22, 2019 338 Category: Crime News
Cassation Court Dismissed Lawsuit Filed By Trading Company Against Kuwaiti Investor The Court of Cassation dismissed a lawsuit filed by a trading company against a Kuwaiti investor at Qurain Markets. The final ruling nullified the verdict of the Court of First Instance upheld by the ... December 13, 2018 296 Category: Crime News
Young Man Filed A Lawsuit Against His Father In an unprecedented move in the history of the Kuwaiti judiciary, an 18-yearold youth has filed a lawsuit against his father and a medical committee in the Ministry of Health, reports Al-Rai daily. ... October 14, 2018 462 Category: Crime News
Family Court Dismissed The Lawsuit Filed By A Citizen Against His Ex-wife The Family Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by a citizen against his ex-wife. The plaintiff asked the court to cancel the custody for their children granted to his ex-wife due to her frequent travels... September 11, 2018 353 Category: Crime News
Father Of An Elementary Student Filed A Lawsuit Against The Minister The father of an elementary student (Grade Six) filed a lawsuit against the minister of education at the First Instance Court through Attorney Jassem Al-Tuwaitan. He demanded for KD1,001 temporary ... September 07, 2018 482 Category: Crime News
KOC Wins Billion Dollar Lawsuit Filed By Korean Contracting Company In 2014 The International Arbitration Commission in London Friday ruled in favor of the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) in the billion dollars lawsuit filed by a Korean contracting company in 2014, reports Al-Anba d... August 20, 2018 3717 Category: Business
Two Expats In The Dock Over Offensive Video Two Asian nationals who appeared in an offensive video are facing a lawsuit in Kuwait. The police identified the suspects and arrested them at their accommodation, based on the car number plates wh... April 25, 2018 2396 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Actress Sentenced To Six Months In Jail A Kuwaiti actress is sentenced to six months in jail in absentia in a libel lawsuit. The Court of Electronic Misdemeanour convicted Mariam Hussein of defaming Kuwaiti actor Hussein Al-Mansour onlin... April 12, 2018 3340 Category: Crime News
Court Decision To Transfer A Supervisor Of MOH The Administrative Circuit of the Court of First Instance nullified decision of the Ministry of Health’s undersecretary to transfer a supervisor from the Information Systems Department to the Of... April 11, 2018 459 Category: Crime News
Court Canceled Property Sale And Ordered The Company To Refund KD 111,000 To Buyer The Civil Circuit of the Court of First Instance has canceled a real-estate property sale, ordering the company that sold the property to refund KD 111,000 to the buyer and pay KD 5,001 as temporary c... April 09, 2018 455 Category: Crime News
Court Of Cassation Ordered Landlord To Pay Compensation Of KD 70000 To The Heirs Of An Expat The Commercial Court of Cassation ordered a landlord who is a lawyer to pay compensation of KD 70,000 to the heirs of an expatriate who died when an elevator collapsed inside the building owned by the... March 25, 2018 1375 Category: Crime News
Court Rejected Lawsuit Filed By Contracting Company Against A General Trading Company The Commercial and Civil Circuit of the Court of First Instance rejected a lawsuit filed by a contracting company against a general trading company, through which the former requested provisional conf... February 05, 2018 546 Category: Crime News
Court Has Nullified The Annual Evaluation Of An Employee After Ascertaining Error The Court of Appeals has nullified the annual evaluation of an employee after ascertaining error on the part of the administration in that regard. Lawyer Nouha Al-Raees representing the plaintiff file... January 18, 2018 616 Category: Crime News
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