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Lack Of Parking Space At MoE Head Office A large number of cars are parked around the Ministry of Education headquarters which lack parking areas, giving employees and visitors no option but to use platforms and every available space to park... May 16, 2019 356 Category: Kuwait
A Number Of Educational Areas Have Warned Of The Lack Of Teachers In Some Specialties Next Year A number of educational areas have warned of the lack of teachers in some specialties next year if the ministry does not take care to increase the number of cadres to be contracted locally and abroad ... April 22, 2019 240 Category: Kuwait
Law, Infidelity, Lack Of Trust Some Of The Divorce Causes Assistant Undersecretary for Information Technology and Statistics at the Ministry of Justice, Heba Al-Abdul Al-Jalil, said a recent study by the Statistics and Research Department of the Information ... January 15, 2019 299 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Info Workers Dissatisfied Over Lack Of Parking Place The employees of Ministry of Information who work at the Burj Al Hamra have expressed their dissatisfaction because the ministry has failed to renew the parking contract although the three-floor lease... January 10, 2019 375 Category: Kuwait
Lack Of Sufficient Info Makes Real Estate Market Incomplete The local real estate market is incomplete due to lack of sufficient information, which has caused a lot of problems for investors who want to buy real estate, explaining that the issuance of periodic... December 18, 2018 310 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis Lack Financial Culture Contrary to what is said that Kuwaitis are good traders, several facts over the past years have proved the weakness of the financial culture of a large segment of the citizens and that the gap is larg... December 13, 2018 504 Category: Kuwait
Lack Of Labor Cites Reason For Development Of Jleeb State Minister for Municipal Affairs Hussam Al-Roumi blamed the lack of labor cities to house thousands of low-wage workers currently inhabiting Jleeb AlShuyoukh for failure to implement a study prepa... November 26, 2018 519 Category: Kuwait
Lack Of Blood Donors At Central Blood Bank Director of the Department of Blood Transfusion Services at the Ministry of Health (MoH) Dr Reem Al-Radwan said on Sunday that there is a lack of citizens and residents donating blood, stressing they ... November 12, 2018 434 Category: Kuwait
Parliament Speaker Postponed Special Session Due To Lack Of Quorum Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim postponed the special session slated for Thursday until June 25, 2018 due to lack of quorum. Items in the agenda of the special session include the mental health a... June 01, 2018 396 Category: Kuwait
Primary Schools For Boys Suffer From Lack Of Science Teachers Primary schools for boys suffer from lack of female science teachers following the implementation of Kuwaitization policy and ending the contracts of expatriate teachers, reports Aljarida daily quotin... April 02, 2018 402 Category: Kuwait
Dean Has Criticized Lack Of Coordination Between MOE And Teachers Colleges Dean of the College of Education at Kuwait University Dr Bader Al-Omar has criticized lack of coordination between the Ministry of Education and teachers’ colleges. He wondered why the College o... March 14, 2017 596 Category: Kuwait
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