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Indian Rupee Drops To 247.85 Against Kuwaiti Dinar The Indian rupee fell 48 paise to 74.97 against the US dollar (247.85 versus the Kuwaiti Dinar) on Friday, as a muted trend in the Indian equities and a firm American currency weighed on investor sent... November 26, 2021 1038 Category: Currency and Exchange
CBK Issues Bonds, Tawarruq Worth KWD 200 Mln The Central Bank of Kuwait announced on Monday that they issued KWD 200 million (about USD 660 million) worth of bonds and tawarruq. CBK said in a statement to KUNA that the three-month issue period ... September 22, 2020 463 Category: Economics
5 KWD For 5 Marks Students being charged is the slogan of some faculty members in one of the university faculties, neglecting the values and principles of the noble teaching profession, reports Al-Qabas daily quot... February 01, 2016 1252 Category: Kuwait
Old Bank Notes Will Not Be Valid After October 1st 1st October is the last date to change your old bank notes with new bank notes, after that it will not be valid in market anymore. ... September 06, 2015 2517 Category: Kuwait
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