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Court Ordered A School To Pay KD 20,000 For Neglecting Child Student The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance, which ordered a school to pay compensation worth KD 20,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen for the mental and material damages he su... January 07, 2019 690 Category: Crime News
Inmate Acquitted The Criminal Court has acquitted a Central Jail inmate of smuggling narcotics (heroin) and brain stimulants with the intention to consume and sell these items. The Public Prosecution charged the inmat... December 10, 2018 411 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered A Citizen To Pay KD 90,000 To A Kuwaiti Family The Cassation Court has set a new unprecedented principle in civil compensation cases when it rejected to push for triple aging of a lawsuit. The court ordered a local insurance company and a Kuwaiti ... March 15, 2018 1070 Category: Crime News
3 Citizens Acquitted The Criminal Court acquitted three citizens of stealing valuable items, including a computer. Case files indicate the Public Prosecution charged the trio with breaking the window of the car and cartin... March 15, 2018 284 Category: Crime News
Court Dismissed Land Dispute Case The Civil-Commercial Circuit at the Court of First Instance dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti man against his brother demanding the value of local and international real estate the two of them in... March 09, 2018 434 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Gets 4 Years Jail For Forgery The Criminal Court has sentenced an unidentified lawyer to four years imprisonment with hard labor for forging official papers, reports Al-Anba daily. However, the court ordered the attorney to pay KD... February 13, 2018 611 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Youth Who Accused Of Attacking And Insulting A Kuwaiti The Criminal Court acquitted a youth who was accused of attacking and insulting a Kuwaiti citizen in a public place for sexually harassing his sister. The Public Prosecution had charged the youth with... February 13, 2018 491 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Blogger To 7 Year Imprisonment The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Ali Al-Daree’a upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance, which sentenced a blogger to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor in a Sta... January 17, 2018 565 Category: Crime News
Trio Acquitted The Court of Appeals nullified the verdict of First Instance Court that sentenced three Kuwaitis to four years in prison with hard labor on the accusation of possessing illicit drugs for consumption p... November 05, 2017 775 Category: Crime News
Court Imposed A Fine Of KD 3,000 On A Youth The Court of First Instance presided over by Judge Mutleq Al-Mutairi imposed a fine of KD 3,000 on a youth who, along with his accomplice, spread derogatory comments about a young woman with the aim o... August 21, 2017 615 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Court Acquits 4 Inmates Of Possessing Drugs In Jail The Court of Cassation upheld the verdict issued by the Court of Appeals which acquitted four inmates of Central Prison including a Bedoun man and an expatriate who were accused of possessing drugs in... January 16, 2017 1050 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Court Sentences Parents To Death For Killing Daughter A court in Kuwait on Monday sentenced a couple to death after finding them guilty of torturing their three-year-old daughter until she died, it said in a statement. The parents, both Kuwaitis, were... January 03, 2017 1180 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Court Acquitted Manager The Misdemeanor Court acquitted the manager and an employee of a travel and tourism agency forging flight tickets ascribed to an international airline company. Lawyer for the accused, Attorney Ali Al-... December 30, 2016 983 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Court Acquits 8 Royals In Human Trafficking Case The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Abdullah Othman Al-Rashid upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which acquitted eight members of the ruling family who, along with some o... December 03, 2016 1425 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Court Acquitted A Student The Court of Appeals, headed by Judge Salah Al-Houti, acquitted a university student of joining the banned terrorist organization Jabhat Al-Nusrah. The higher court cancelled the ruling of a lower cou... May 31, 2016 1002 Category: Crime News
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