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Indias Seasonal Trough Affects Kuwait Weather Kuwait Meteorological Centre (KMC) said Thursday, the country is still affected by India’s seasonal trough, which supplies the region with hot, relatively dry air masses. Weather Forecast Monito... June 15, 2018 533 Category: Weather in Kuwait
MOI Authorities Warn Citizens, Residents Of Bad Weather MOI urge Citizens and Residents to keep a wary eye as Kuwait has been hit by bad weather and thunderstorms , Citizens and residents are required to take precautions to protect themselves and their fam... December 06, 2015 2181 Category: Weather in Kuwait
How to cook without fire in Kuwait Summer is very hot in kuwait , temperature varies from 40 to 56 degress. Summer (21 May – 4 November) Great increase in humidity and temperature. Transition period (21 May – 5 Jun... July 18, 2015 2427 Category: Kuwait
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