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3-year-old Girl Killed By Father Over Repeated Screams And Cries Local media reported that a Jordanian man beat his three-year-old girl to death yesterday because he couldn't bear the sound of her screaming. The man has been charged with torture and murder b... December 24, 2022 328 Category: Middle East News
Teenager Kills Brother Over Trousers Row In Egypt Near Cairo, Egyptian police arrested a teenager who killed his brother following a dispute over trousers. According to Akhbar Al Youm, a fight broke out between the 17-year-old boy and his older br... July 20, 2022 298 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Man Kills Wife, Sets Father-in-law On Fire Local media reported that an Egyptian man, 48, allegedly slit the throat of his 38-year-old wife and set fire to his father-in-law when the latter filed a divorce case against him three years ago afte... April 17, 2022 476 Category: Crime News
Saudi Arabia: A Swollen Drainage Canal Drowns 3 Kids According to reports, civil defence teams in Hafr Al Batin, north of the Kingdom, retrieved the bodies of three children who drowned after getting swept away by a swollen drainage canal. Earlier in... March 22, 2022 266 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Kills Mother After Videos Of Her With Her Lover Spread Online An Egyptian man has been arrested for allegedly killing his mother after he saw a video of her having illicit relationship with her lover, local media reported. According to media reports, the man ... November 23, 2021 1568 Category: Crime News
Man Kills Mother, Keeps Body Buried In Bedroom For Two Years Police arrested a 38-year-old man who allegedly killed his mother over her habit of going on short trips and buried her below the floor of his room for two years. The incident that happened at Hatudew... September 16, 2021 1634 Category: India
Man Kills Mother-in-law With AK-47 In Front Of Wife A Kuwaiti man has been arrested for shooting dead his 68-year-old mother-in-law in front of his wife using a Kalashnikov rifle, local media reported. The 47-year-old killer is said to have chased d... August 26, 2021 1328 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Kills Dad By Slitting His Throat For Mistreating Him An Egyptian has killed his father by slitting his throat with a kitchen knife for allegedly mistreating him, local media reported. Egyptian security forces said that they had received a report of a... June 14, 2021 815 Category: Crime News
Bahrain: Man Kills Co-worker With Slap In Face Bahrain’s High Criminal Court heard the case of a man from an Asian country accused of slapping and killing a co-worker after causing him permanent disability, local media reported. The ... June 10, 2021 414 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Mother Kills Baby With Remote Control Because He Was Crying A 26-year-old Egyptian mother killed her baby after repeatedly striking the three-month-old on the head using a remote control, killing him on the spot as a result of blunt force trauma, local media r... June 08, 2021 2373 Category: Crime News
Co-worker Kills Indian Over the past six days Kuwait has reported three murders – two were reported earlier from Khaitan and Kabad and the last on Artal Road near Ahmadi. In the latest incident the Operations Room of ... April 12, 2021 1111 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Kills Compatriot An unidentified Egyptian who murdered his 54-year-old compatriot and room-mate has been arrested. According to a security source, the Ministry of Interior’s operations room received a report on ... April 06, 2021 637 Category: Crime News
India Mother Accused Of Killing Daughters Says She Is Hindu Deity ‘Shiva’ A mother in Andhra Pradesh who battered her two daughters to death has now claimed to be Hindu deity Shiva and that COVID-19 came from her body particles. The police are now planning to move the wo... January 27, 2021 597 Category: Crime News
Adulterated Wine Kills 4 Men, Causes Fifth To Lose Sight Four young men have died and others are in critical conditions in Kuwait, after being poisoned by locally manufactured adulterated wines. According to local media, the victims arrived at Jahra Hosp... July 25, 2020 1451 Category: Crime News
Electric Shock Kills Citizen A Citizen died of electric shock while he was fixing electric generator in Jahra Governorate, securitymen and paramedics rushed to the location to realize the man had passed away, a case was registere... May 08, 2020 1141 Category: Crime News
Canada Shocked And Saddened After Jet Crash Kills 63 Canadians Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his "deepest condolences" to those mourning the 176 people — including 63 Canadians — who died in a plane crash Wednesday morning i... January 09, 2020 920 Category: Kuwait
Truck Bomb In Somali Capital Kills At Least 79 At Rush Hour A truck bomb exploded at a busy security checkpoint in Somalia’s capital Saturday morning, killing at least 79 people including many students, authorities said. It was the worst attack in Mogadi... December 29, 2019 561 Category: International
Husband Kills Wife Over A Mobile Password - Abu Dhabi A man from the Gulf was sentenced to death for pouring acid on his wife’s face, ultimately killing her. The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation upheld a ruling issued by the Abu Dhabi Court of Appea... May 15, 2019 712 Category: International
India Cyclone Kills At Least 33 A woman cooks a meal outdoors after her house was damaged by Cyclone Fani in the Penthakata fishing village of Puri, in the eastern Indian state of Orissa on May 4. A mammoth preparation exercise that... May 06, 2019 351 Category: International
Tanker Blast Kills One Person And Injures 5 One person perished in a tanker explosion at Abdullah Port and five Asians sustained various degrees of injuries, says Public Relations and Media Department of the Interior Ministry. The Operations... November 06, 2018 437 Category: Crime News
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