News On Juveniles
48 Juveniles Caught Driving Without License As the General Traffic Department (GTD) continues its campaigns to pursue violators of traffic laws, particularly the speeding reckless motorists, the campaigns that spanned throughout the week result... November 16, 2020 489 Category: Driving License
17 Juveniles In Court, Expat Deported In Traffic Violation  Statistics issued by the General Traffic Department shows during the last week of October 2020 the GTD issued 25,309 citations and referred 17 juveniles to the Traffic Court after they were caug... November 02, 2020 404 Category: Expats
33 Juveniles Caught Driving Without License During a six-day crackdown on violators of traffic laws, the General Traffic Department has referred 33 juveniles to the Juvenile Prosecution for driving without licence, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Th... October 22, 2020 520 Category: Crime News
Son Of Former MP Stabbed Mohammad, son for the former MP, Saleh Al-Mulla, was yesterday stabbed during a fight with three other Kuwaitis in Andalus, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said the young Al- Mulla was walking... October 01, 2018 658 Category: Crime News
MPW Has Started The Construction Of The Juveniles Affairs New Building Director of Juveniles Affairs at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Hamad Al-Khaldi revealed that Ministry of Public Works has started the construction of the department’s new building in Sula... July 26, 2017 415 Category: Kuwait
GTD Have Arrested 11 Juveniles For Driving Without License The General Traffic Department during security campaigns have arrested 11 juveniles for driving without license and referred them to the Juvenile Prosecution. The daily added, an unidentified expatria... June 28, 2017 676 Category: Driving License
4 Expats Have Been Deported And 13 Juveniles Have Been Referred To Prosecution For Driving Without License Four expatriates have been deported and 13 juveniles have been referred to the Juveniles Prosecution for driving without license. The suspects were arrested during surprise security campaigns in al... May 15, 2017 597 Category: Driving License
National Assembly MPs Focus On Drug Scourge The National Assembly, during its regular meeting on Tuesday, approved the Public Prosecution’s request to lift the parliamentary immunity of Ahmed Nabeel Al-Fadhel. On the other hand, it rej... March 29, 2017 942 Category: Kuwait
Police Have Arrested 8 Juveniles And Are Looking For 5 Others For Fighting At A Heritage Village police have arrested eight juveniles and are looking for five others for fighting at a Heritage Village. The daily added, initially the fight broke out between two teenagers when one of them accused t... March 02, 2017 601 Category: Crime News
2 Syrian Juveniles Were Arrested For Stealing From Parked Vehicles Two Syrian juveniles were arrested for stealing from parked vehicles in Hawally Governorate. According to security sources, officers from General Department of Criminal Evidences were monitoring th... February 13, 2017 561 Category: Crime News
3 Juveniles Were Arrested For Robbing Indian Three Kuwaiti Juveniles were arrested for robbing an Indian national while he was walking in Fahaheel area, The teens were sent to concerned authorities.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... January 19, 2017 1172 Category: Crime News
Syrian Hurt In Quarrel Among 4 Juveniles In Salmiya A Syrian youth sustained injuries on his face and shoulders during a quarrel among four juveniles inside a commercial complex in Salmiya area. According to security sources, when the Operations Room o... December 07, 2016 942 Category: Crime News
2 Juveniles Arrested For Breaking Cars And Robbing Contents The Farwaniya police have arrested two juveniles for breaking into cars and robbing contents, reports Al- Anba daily. The daily added, the suspects, who are no more than 11 years old, were caught red-... December 03, 2016 784 Category: Crime News
Two Juveniles Arrested For Injuring A Bangladeshi Man By A Car Police have arrested two juveniles for injuring a Bangladeshi man by a car while he was waiting the bus in Al-Shaab area , During interrogation the juveniles admitted they hit the victim for fun in a ... November 30, 2016 1184 Category: Crime News
11 Arrested For Brawling Four Bedoun youths sustained injuries when a quarrel broke out among the group of juveniles in Waha area and extended to Jahra Hospital. A group of juveniles started attacking each other in Waha area.... October 12, 2016 880 Category: Crime News
54 Sports Cars Seized, 2 Juveniles Arrested The General Traffic Department as announced that its officers impounded 54 sports cars due to reckless driving, issued 60 traffic violations, and arrested two juveniles for driving without a lice... June 06, 2016 990 Category: Crime News
4 Juveniles Arrested For Stealing 7 Smart Mobiles From A Booth The Ahmadi police have arrested four juveniles for stealing seven smart mobiles from a booth belonging to a well-known telecommunications company, reports Al-Rai daily. The theft occurred inside a com... February 02, 2016 1909 Category: Kuwait
4 Juveniles In Police Custody For Stabbing A 19 Year Old Kuwaiti Police have taken into custody four juveniles for stabbing a 19-year-old Kuwaiti in the chest, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources, police acting on information rushed to the spot and ... January 25, 2016 1578 Category: Kuwait
Cops Arrested 2 Juveniles Officers from the Capital arrested two juveniles for stealing perfumes, cell phones and pre-paid phone cards from shops in Salhiya, reports Al-Anba daily. Patrolmen on duty spotted the two suspects ru... December 20, 2015 1759 Category: Kuwait