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Court Set To Deliver Judgment On Dow Case The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Muhammad Al-Mutairi is set to deliver judgment in a petition filed by the Fatwa and Legislation Department against the decision of the Public Prosecution Depa... December 09, 2019 419 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Female Reporter And Another Person To 2 Yrs Jail With Hard Labor The Criminal Court sentenced a female reporter and another person to two years jail with hard labor for threatening a citizen through WhatsApp. According to the case file and the plaintiff’s law... April 10, 2018 472 Category: Crime News
Kuwaitis Must Constitute 80 Pc Of Staff In Foreign Missions The parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday approved nine agreements, stressing the importance of the NATO Convention that the National Assembly returned to the committee for further study. ... March 20, 2018 449 Category: Kuwait
Security Forces Capture 12 Abdali Cell Suspects The MOI has confirmed that its security forces were able to capture 12 wanted persons belonging to the so-called Abdali cell, The Ministry announced last month that it had implemented the judgment of ... August 12, 2017 1430 Category: Crime News
Economics With A Humanities Face In a 2006 survey, American university professors were asked whether it was better to possess knowledge from numerous fields of study, or from just one. Among professors of psychology, 79 percent were ... July 29, 2017 907 Category: Information
Gvnt Agencies Are Now Working On The Amendment Of The Strategic Salary Scale The concerned government agencies are now working on the amendment of the strategic salary scale to be ready for submission to the National Assembly in the next legislative round, reports Al-Anba dail... July 13, 2017 588 Category: Kuwait
Court Of Appeals Upheld The Verdict Of The First Instance Court Commercial Section at the Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the First Instance Court, which refused to execute a foreign judgment ordering a company owned by a citizen to return its assets worth ... July 11, 2017 542 Category: Crime News
Court Set June 18, 2017 For The Announcement Of Its Judgment On The Abdally Cell Case The Court of Cassation set June 18, 2017 for the announcement of its judgment on the Abdally Cell case filed by the State Security Department which accused 26 people of plotting heinous activities in ... May 16, 2017 723 Category: Crime News
New Measures Implemented Against Violations Related To Illegal Parking Allotted For Handicapped The new intensive measures implemented against violations related to illegal parking in spaces allotted for people with special needs have resulted in reduced number of violations in March 2017 whereb... April 02, 2017 1147 Category: Kuwait
The Misdemeanor Court Has Fixed December 26 To Deliver Judgment The Misdemeanor Court has fixed December 26 to deliver judgment in a lawsuit filed by the State Security Department against a female DAESH member of Filipino nationality. The suspect was remanded in t... November 15, 2016 1056 Category: Crime News
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