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62 Days Is Average Time To Fill One Job Vacancy In Kuwait The Kuwaiti labour market is experiencing a huge skills shortage largely due to a big gap in supply and demand, in addition to the instability of the market and the local economy, which shrank drastic... January 19, 2022 400 Category: Kuwait
188 Job Seekers Participate In Training Course The Deputy Director-General for National Manpower Affairs at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Abdullah Al-Mutotah said PAM held an introductory session for ‘distance training course&rsquo... November 25, 2021 274 Category: Kuwait
Want To Work With Indian Consulate In Dubai For Over Dh8,500 Salary? Here Is A Job Vacancy The Consulate General of India in Dubai has announced an immediate job vacancy at the mission for a salary of over Dh8,500. The opening is for the post of assistant in the press and information win... March 03, 2021 1004 Category: India
16,355 Kuwaitis Looking For Jobs In Private Sector The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) said 16,355 Kuwaitis are looking for an opening in the private sector, seven of whom hold Doctorate degrees and 236 Masters’. A PAM source told the Al- Se... January 31, 2021 339 Category: Kuwait
‘Condition For Top Job – Must Know English’ The Ministry of Public Works has set a new condition for candidates applying for the supervisory positions (technical and project) and the condition is that the applicants have to pass the English lan... January 13, 2021 546 Category: Information
Kuwaitis Turning To Private Sector Jobs Increased In 2020 For the first time in 8 years, there was a high turnout of Kuwaitis wishing to work in the private sector in 2020, as they accounted for 52.3% of the total registered in the authority’s employme... January 05, 2021 671 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait University Graduates Opt For Govt Jobs There is no doubt that many young people are keen about working in the government sector. According to a statistical report issued by the Public Authority for Manpower, graduates from the Kuwait Unive... December 03, 2020 454 Category: Kuwait
Pakistani, Indian Job Seekers Warned Not To Travel To Dubai On Tourist, Visit Visas Pakistanis and Indians have been warned against flying in to Dubai for job hunt on tourist/visit visas after hundreds ‘job seekers’ were denied entry at the airport for not meeting visa re... October 21, 2020 1710 Category: Travel
10,482 Kuwaitis Employed In 86 Days The Civil Service Commission has succeeded in employing 10,482 Kuwaiti citizens to work for various government agencies in 86 days from June 30 to September 24. Ahmed Al-Jassar the head of departme... September 27, 2020 329 Category: Kuwait
Focus On Jobs For Kuwaitis In Banking Sector In its recent meeting with local banks, the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) stressed the need to focus on national workforce in the banking sector, localize jobs, and increase the presence of nationals a... September 19, 2020 561 Category: Kuwait
Jobs Hope In Oil Sector One thousand five hundred and thirty-eight job vacancies are on offer with the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) during fiscal 2020/2021, as part of the budget that was approved last week by the Budg... September 06, 2020 839 Category: Economics
140 Job Vacancies Available At TEC – Company Employs 850 Expat Workers The Tourism Enterprises Company (TEC) has 140 job vacancies for the year 2020 and these vacancies have not been filled until now due to the circumstances that the country is currently witnessing as a ... September 02, 2020 1219 Category: Expats
Be Ready To Get Back To Work The government is said to have issued directives to ministries and government agencies to ‘prepare’ to return to work according to plans taking into account all data, irrespective whether ... May 02, 2020 7461 Category: Kuwait
What If I Get Fired From Job, How Can I Pay Bank Loan? I am an expat working in Government sector, I took loan in Islamic Bank, the tenure of my loan is 5 years, 1 year passed, remaining 4 years left, I am paying to the bank by EMIs. Now-a-days, In the mi... January 17, 2020 1749 Category: Legal
Can I Resign My Job After 1 Year? Can I resign my job here in Kuwait after I finish 1 year of service? Name withheld Answer: Yes you can, if you were hired locally and you don’t possess a university degree. If you however,... January 01, 2020 555 Category: Legal
Pay 1000 KD And Get A Job - Scores Of Expat Workers Cheated By Human Peddlers Scores of workers demonstrated in downtown Kuwaiti City in one of the towers because the company that hired them has allegedly failed to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract ... December 04, 2019 450 Category: Kuwait
1565 Job Vacancies In KPC - 1,280 For Kuwaitis And 285 For Expats According to a recent study conducted by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), there are 1,280 vacant jobs for Kuwaiti citizens and 285 for expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily. The study revealed tha... November 25, 2019 797 Category: Kuwait
CSC Removed About 12,000 Citizens From The Job Waiting List The Ministry of Social Affairs gave one week grace period to 2,840 beneficiaries of social aid to update their data in order to avoid the suspension of social aid, reports Al-Rai daily. In a press ... September 04, 2019 292 Category: Kuwait
Termination From Job During Pregnancy I just want to ask for advice regarding my current situation in my company. I joined a company in June 2018 and I got pregnant during the month of November 2018. I already changed my visa to the compa... May 30, 2019 1531 Category: Termination
Nearly 16,000 Job Opportunities For Kuwaiti Job-seekers Kuwait City: Insurance companies, insurance brokers, companies practising real estate brokerage, real estate offices dealing with gold and precious metals and money exchange companies have been ordere... May 14, 2019 379 Category: Kuwait
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