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Civil Servant In Kuwait Gets 7 Years For Forging Sick Leave According to a Kuwaiti newspaper, a civil servant received seven years in prison for submitting forged sick leaves to her workplace. A Kuwaiti national was ordered to pay a bail of KD500 to stay ou... November 26, 2022 112 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Nurse Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison For Faking Corona Vaccination Certificates An Egyptian nurse was sentenced to four years in prison and her compatriot to seven years with hard labor by the Court of Cassation for forging Corona vaccination certificates, reports Al-Seyassah dai... November 09, 2022 1395 Category: Crime News
Residency Staffer In Kuwait Jailed For 4 Years For Bribery Kuwaiti newspaper reports a court sentenced a worker at the residency affairs department to four years for taking a bribe from an expat. The female defendant was found guilty of taking KD500 in a b... October 29, 2022 124 Category: Crime News
Newly Elected Kuwaiti Lawmaker Jailed For 2 Years Kuwaiti media reported that Kuwait's top court sentenced a newly elected lawmaker to two years in prison in an unprecedented decision for a sitting parliamentarian. MP Marzouk Al Khalifa and 28... October 11, 2022 484 Category: Crime News
3 Expats Jailed For 7 Years And Deportation, Special Circumstances Absolve Juvenile Three suspects were sentenced by the Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Faisal Al-Harbi and composed of Judges Nasser Al-Badr and Hamad Al-Wazzan, to seven years imprisonment followed by deportation.... October 04, 2022 204 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Jailed For 3 Years For Forcible Kiss A local newspaper reported that an Egyptian court sentenced a man to three years in prison for forcibly kissing a woman on the street. On charges of drug abuse, the Giza Criminal Court also sentenc... August 04, 2022 637 Category: Crime News
Joining ISIS Lands Kuwaiti In Prison For 5 Years Kuwait's Court of Appeals sentenced a citizen to five years in prison with hard labor for joining the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS), which aims to destroy the nation's basic systems a... July 24, 2022 285 Category: Crime News
An Iraqi Is Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Using A Hand Glider To Smuggle Drugs An Iraqi national convicted of smuggling drugs into Kuwait using hang gliders has been sentenced to seven years in prison by an appellate court, according to a local news portal. Mediacourt, a lega... June 25, 2022 212 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Jailed Over Child Drugs In Kuwait Reuters reports that a prosecutor in Kuwait remanded a lawyer for 21 days pending further investigation into allegations that he compelled a boy to take drugs and sexually assaulted him. Al Qabas n... May 12, 2022 218 Category: Crime News
Lashkar-e-Taiba Founder Jailed For 31 Years In Pakistan Hafez Saeed was sentenced to 31 years in prison by a Pakistani court for founding the militant Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. The new sentence for Saeed does not yet specify how many years he will... April 09, 2022 195 Category: International
Kuwaiti Citizenship Through Forgery Gets A Saudi Man 3 Years In Prison Using forgery, he became a Kuwaiti citizen and worked in several Kuwaiti ministries, the Kuwaiti media reported. Kuwait's top court revoked that man's acquittal and sentenced him to three year... March 31, 2022 248 Category: Crime News
8 Expats Were Jailed For 10 Years In Kuwait For Falsifying Medical Tests Kuwaiti media reported that an expatriate gang was sentenced to ten years in prison each for forging blood test results using money as leverage. An Appeals Court upheld an earlier judgment and issu... February 19, 2022 874 Category: Crime News
Motorists Jailed For Parking In Places Reserved For People Of Determination A Kuwaiti traffic misdemeanor court had handed down jailing terms to several motorists found guilty of illegally parking their cars in areas designated for the people of determination, according to a ... November 27, 2021 299 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Snapchat Celebrity Jailed For Imitating Opposite Sex A Kuwaiti Snapchat celebrity has been sentenced to two years in jail and a fine of $1,600 for “imitating the opposite sex” and consuming drugs, local media reported. According to media ... November 25, 2021 656 Category: Crime News
India Man Jailed For Killing Wife With Cobra In Kerala An Indian man, who was convicted for killing his wife by making a cobra bite her, has been punished with a rare double life sentence. Sooraj Kumar was arrested last year after his wife, Uthra, died... October 13, 2021 2095 Category: Crime News
Man Jailed For Claiming To Be Member Of Royal Family, Committing Fraud Kuwaiti authorities have arrested and remanded a suspected fraudster, who claimed to be a member of the royal family to dupe girls and swindle them out of money, local media reported. The suspect, ... May 22, 2021 632 Category: Crime News
Royal Jailed For Forging Law Degree The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Nayef Al-Dahoum sentenced one of the ruling family members to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor, and ordered him to refund a sum of KD 157,000 as well a... February 10, 2021 750 Category: Crime News
British Woman In Dubai Says 'F*** You' To Flatmate On WhatsApp, Gets Jailed For 2 Years In a bizarre incident, a British woman is facing two years in jail in Dubai for sending a message that said 'F*** You', to her flatmate, as per a report in the Sun. The 31-year-old woman... February 06, 2021 2038 Category: Crime News
Kuwait: Ex-parliament Runner Jailed For 2 Years Over Vote Buying A Kuwaiti court had sentenced a former contender in last year’s parliamentary elections and his wife to two years in prison each on charges of vote buying, according to local media. The Crimi... February 03, 2021 687 Category: Crime News
3 Kuwaiti Citizens Jailed For Beating, Injuring Iranian Protecting Wife’s Honor  The Criminal Court sentenced three Kuwaiti citizens to three-year imprisonment with hard labor after convicting them of assaulting an Iranian expatriate by beating him and causing injuries, whic... September 09, 2020 816 Category: Kuwait
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