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Kuwaitis Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail For Assaulting Officers Kuwaiti citizens were sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labor and fined KD 3,000 by the Misdemeanor Court. A police officer from Farwaniya Police Station was allegedly assaulted and insul... July 20, 2022 823 Category: Crime News
Visa Traders Jailed For Fraud And Forgery According to Al-Seyassah daily, the Court of Cassation sentenced two visa traders to one year in prison with hard labor for defrauding Egyptians and Indians. After investigations, the Ministry of Inte... July 05, 2022 266 Category: Crime News
Singer Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Challenging Emir's Rights In Kuwait Kuwaiti media reports that a singer has been sentenced to three years in prison for spreading false news and challenging the country's Emir. As a result of her actions in challenging the Emir&#... June 25, 2022 358 Category: Crime News
Twitter User Gets 5 Years In Jail For Defaming Saudi Arabia In Kuwait Kuwaiti courts have sentenced a user of Twitter to five years in prison after finding him guilty of insulting Saudi Arabia online, a local newspaper reports. "The tweeter was also found guilty... June 07, 2022 488 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Woman Sentence reduced From 10 Years to 3 Years in the case of torturing her indian maid to Death Reuters reports that Kuwaiti authorities have revoked a woman's earlier 10-year jail term for torturing her housemaid to death, and instead have sentenced her to three years in prison. Accordin... June 07, 2022 2005 Category: Crime News
A Jordanian Man Gets 15 Years In Jail For Raping His 13-year-old Cousin 59 Times Jordanian media reported that a man has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for raping his cousin, aged 13, 59 times. The Court of Cassation found that the accused, who was found guilty in De... June 05, 2022 498 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Jails Syrian For 10 Years For Fake Saudi Deals As reported by a Kuwaiti newspaper, a Kuwaiti court sentenced a Syrian expat to 10 years in prison over allegations of money laundering and fraud regarding fake real estate deals in Saudi Arabia. I... April 26, 2022 254 Category: Crime News
In Saudi Arabia, Sending Red Heart Emojis Can Lead To Jail Time OKAZ newspaper reports that a Saudi expert in cybercrime is warning the public to avoid sending someone a red heart on WhatsApp, as doing so can result in jail time for the sender. The sender may r... February 16, 2022 9113 Category: Saudi Arabia
A Fashion Designer And Her Boyfriend Have Been Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Immorality An unnamed Fashionista and her boyfriend have been arrested by the Criminal Department of the High Court for immorality on social media. The couple released an 'immoral' video clip on Snapc... February 15, 2022 1231 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis Get Jail Terms For Locking Up Divorcee For 9 Years A Kuwaiti court had sentenced five citizens to varying jail terms after convicting them of holding a divorced woman by force and torturing her for over nine years in a high-profile case, local media s... January 25, 2022 301 Category: Crime News
Hacker Gets Over 2 Years Jail The Court of Cassation sentenced a “hacker” to two years and 4 months in prison with hard labor for penetrating the university and civil service websites and placing a picture of Musallam ... January 10, 2022 256 Category: Crime News
Blogger Gets 3 Yrs Jail The Criminal Court sentenced a Twitter user to three years in prison with hard labor for insulting HH the Amir. The court also ordered the confiscation of the mobile phone of the accused and deletion ... November 01, 2021 462 Category: Crime News
Blogger Gets 3 Years In Jail For Defaming Emir A Kuwaiti court has sentenced a blogger to three years in prison on charges of defaming the country’s Emir and spreading false news on Twitter, a local newspaper said. The ruling was issued b... October 27, 2021 455 Category: Crime News
Kuwait’s Top Court Jails Professor For 7 Years On Terror Charges Kuwait’s top appeals court had confirmed a seven-year imprisonment term against a university professor convicted of bankrolling terrorism in Syria, local media reported. The Court of Cassatio... October 16, 2021 328 Category: Crime News
Jail, Bail For Woman Pretender The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a man, who pretended to be a woman, to three month imprisonment with bail payment of KD 500 to suspend the sentence. He was convicted of seizing the victim’s merc... August 15, 2021 367 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Gets 10 Years Jail In Absentia The Criminal Court recently sentenced a fugitive lawyer to 10 years in prison with hard labor, fined him KD2,005,983 and obligated him to pay the value of the funds associated with the real estate fra... July 15, 2021 322 Category: Crime News
Prominent Poet Jamal Al Sayer Freed From Jail A prominent Kuwaiti poet, Jamal Al Sayer, was released from prison on Monday after he was charged with allegedly insulting the Emir and spreading fake news. He was released without bail and his trail ... July 14, 2021 305 Category: Crime News
Man Gets Four Years In Jail For Forging 20,000 Pieces Of 100 Fils The Criminal Court sentenced a person, who was accused of counterfeiting and smuggling 20,000 pieces of the 100 fils denomination, valued at KD 2,000 with the cooperation of a Chinese agent outside th... June 22, 2021 520 Category: Crime News
10 Days Jail For Motorist The General Traffic Directorate (GTD) said the traffic court has put a motorist behind bars for 10 days with hard labor for violating a traffic law which is considered a serious offense, says Al-Seyas... June 09, 2021 554 Category: Crime News
Imprisonment And Fine Up To 10,000 KD For Breaking Curfew The Ministry of Interior has developed a plan to impose curfew throughout the country with mechanisms with police personnel in cooperation with the National Guard and the Ministry of Defense. The sect... March 06, 2021 932 Category: Coronavirus
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