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Cloud Computing Services To Be Provided By ITS Licensed By CITRA The Communications and Information Technology Authority (CITRA), according to International Integrated Computer Systems Group's Chief executive officer Essam Al-Khashnam, has granted the company t... May 17, 2022 158 Category: Technology
Oil Prices At Its Best Boursa Kuwait has announced its membership with the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS), which facilitates its integration with global financial markets and exchanges. Through this memb... July 22, 2018 516 Category: Business
Japan Reiterated Its Support Of Kuwait Gulf Mediation Japan on Saturday reiterated its support of Kuwait’s ongoing mediation efforts to resolve the dispute between Qatar and another three Gulf Arab countries plus Egypt, urging the need for diplomac... August 07, 2017 715 Category: International
Vision 2035, Kuwait Begins To Get Its Act Together Kuwait’s long-term vision and strategic plan for the future was rebranded and unveiled early this year as New Kuwait 2035. The importance of developing and implementing a credible and coherent p... August 05, 2017 1642 Category: Kuwait
KNPC Completed 86 Percent Of Its Biofuel Project Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) completed 86 percent of its biofuel project end of last June, said the company's Deputy CEO for projects Abdullah Al-Ajmi. KNPC has completed the fifth... August 01, 2017 1183 Category: Kuwait
Citation Will Be Issued Against Any Vehicle Which Tinted Its Glass Exceeding The 30 Percent Limit Citation will be issued against any vehicle which tinted its glass exceeding the 30 percent limit, local Arabic news paper reported. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ... July 04, 2017 550 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Placed Its Forces On State Of Alert The Ministry of Interior has placed its forces on what it called a ‘state of alert’ following reports that an armed ‘group of terrorists’ have escaped from Iraq. According t... July 02, 2017 3735 Category: Kuwait
MOH Bans Its Doctors Working In Private Hospitals Minister of Health has barred doctors working in the health centers and hospitals of the private sector from “advertising” their services. The ministry, through its Department of Medica... May 31, 2017 478 Category: Kuwait
The Commission Of Withdrawn Nationalities Has Submitted Its First Report To PM  The commission of withdrawn nationalities has submitted its first report to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah on examinations of 40 applications of total ... May 19, 2017 734 Category: Kuwait
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