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Kuwait Condemns Israeli Displacement Of Palestinian Residents Of Sheikh Jarrah On Friday, Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the Israeli displacement of Palestinians residents in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, Kuwait’s stated media KUN... May 09, 2021 341 Category: International
Kuwaiti Scholar Calls For Boycott Of Arab Companies Profiting From Israeli Ties During a seminar organized by the UAE anti-normalization group, Kuwaiti scholar Tareq Al-Suwaidan called for a boycott of all Arab companies that deal with the Israeli occupation, Middle east monitor ... November 14, 2020 531 Category: Kuwait
Court decides Israeli has no right to compensation, travel portal cleared The Munich Regional Court has ruled that the decision by the Kuwait Airways to cancel the booking of an Israeli citizen against his wish was because he was not permitted to enter Kuwait due to his nat... June 25, 2020 4270 Category: Kuwait
Security Authorities To Investigate Israeli Diplomatic sources affirmed that security authorities will investigate a video circulated on the Israeli Foreign Ministry page “Israel in Arabic” about a person taking photos of Kuwait Tow... December 16, 2019 412 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Condemns Israeli Deadly Raids On Gaza Kuwait expressed utter rejection and condemnation of Israel's raid on the Palestinian Gaza Strip, the Foreign Ministry said. Israel's ongoing airstrikes on the Palestinian territory is a co... November 15, 2019 477 Category: International
Israeli Blogger Deported From Kuwait The Interior Ministry has deported Israeli blogger Ben Tzion from its territories, 48 hours after he arrived in Kuwait using a US passport, Al Qabas reported. The blogger was visiting the 2018 edit... November 16, 2018 605 Category: Crime News
Gaza - Iranian-Israeli Post Office TEHRAN’S idea of escaping forward through Palestinian blood being spilled in Gaza is no less hideous than the escape of the Israeli government from internal problems. The most pressing among the... November 14, 2018 1132 Category: Article
Kuwait Deplores Israeli Decision To Build New Jewish Settlement Kuwait strongly condemned the Israeli government’s recent decision to build a new Jewish settlement in the southern city of Hebron (Al-Khalil), home to 200,000 Palestinians, the first since 2002... October 21, 2018 478 Category: International
Kuwait Airways Cannot Be Forced To Carry Israeli Passenger - German Court A German court said on Tuesday that Kuwait’s boycott of Israel was “unacceptable and irrelevant in Germany” but that Kuwait Airways could not be forced to transport Israeli citizens ... September 26, 2018 892 Category: International
Security Sources Deny Entry Of Israeli Citizens In Kuwait Security sources deny the rumors circulating on social media about the entry of Israeli citizens in Kuwait for shooting a documentary film about the Bedoun residents of Sulaibiya area, reports Al-Seya... September 26, 2018 962 Category: Kuwait
MP Asked Minister Of Finance About The Legal Settlement Which KAC Made With An Israeli MP Muhammad Hayef has asked Minister of Finance Dr Nayef Al- Hajraf about the legal settlement which Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) made with an Israeli who was banned from boarding the national car... August 28, 2018 300 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Airways Pays Compensation To Israeli Passenger Kuwait Airways Chairman Yousef Al-Jassem denied a huge compensation was paid to Israeli passenger that he said did not exceed £2,500, reports Al-Qabas daily. “The settlement was £2,5... August 10, 2018 824 Category: Kuwait
World Must Act To Curb Israeli Crimes – Kuwait A triumvirate of Kuwaiti parliamentarians have urged the international community to take decisive action over “Israel’s perpetual atrocities against the Palestinian people.” “W... July 22, 2018 827 Category: Kuwait
16 People Lie Dead And 1,400 Others Are Injured As 16 people lie dead and more than 1,400 others are injured, the State of Kuwait, in a statement to a UNSC session late Friday, expressed “utter condemnation” of the Israeli venomous acts... April 01, 2018 979 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Strongly Condemned The Escalating Israeli Practices In Jerusalem The State of Kuwait on Thursday “strongly” condemned the escalating Israeli practices against the Palestinians in Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem) and Al-Aqsa Mosque, urging the Israeli autho... July 28, 2017 505 Category: Kuwait
Imam Of Al-Aqsa Mosque Dr Ekrema Sabri Says Palestinians Will Never Yield To Israeli Haughtiness Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque Dr Ekrema Sabri says Palestinians will never yield to Israeli haughtiness or its measures to install electronic gates around the mosque. He noted the steps taken by Israel is... July 20, 2017 577 Category: Kuwait
Amal Al- Ghunaim Said That Some Nations Refusal To Join Discussions Over Israeli Human Rights Violations A Kuwaiti diplomat on Monday said that he was bewildered over the selective approaches taken by some nations to the issue of human rights violations in Arab lands occupied by Israel. Addressing the 35... June 20, 2017 625 Category: Kuwait
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