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Joining ISIS Lands Kuwaiti In Prison For 5 Years Kuwait's Court of Appeals sentenced a citizen to five years in prison with hard labor for joining the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS), which aims to destroy the nation's basic systems a... July 24, 2022 254 Category: Crime News
Five Years Behind Bars For Kuwaiti Plot To Blow Up Shrines According to local media reports, a Kuwaiti man committed terrorism and planned to blow up military bases and places of worship, joining Daesh (Isis) . He was sentenced to five years in prison for tha... May 14, 2022 246 Category: Crime News
Two Saudis Executed For Killing Their Mother Saudi media reported two brothers executed for killing their mother who tried to prevent the brothers from joining Daesh in Syria after almost seven years in jail. The pair were among 81 people exe... March 13, 2022 449 Category: Crime News
Judge Renews Detention Of Two Minors With ISIS-link, In Possession Of Firearms The Detention Renewal Judge has decided to extend until January 20 the detention of two minors who had communicated with the ISIS organization and were found in possession of firearms. According to... January 07, 2021 384 Category: Crime News
Egyptian ISIS Sentenced To Life Imprisonment The Court of Cassation headed by Counselor Saleh Al-Muraishid has sentenced an Egyptian to life imprisonment, reports Al-Rai daily. The man is found guilty of joining the ISIS and attempting to kill f... October 16, 2020 1072 Category: Crime News
No Kuwaiti In ISIS Group The antiterrorism authorities in Kuwait, including Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Defense, are coordinating strongly to counter terrorist activities and dangers, an... November 05, 2019 301 Category: Crime News
Fine & Good Conduct Pledge Frees Ex-member Of ISIS The Court of Cassation upheld the verdict issued by a lower court to refrain from penalizing a Kuwaiti woman in her 20s who was accused of joining DAESH in Sinai, Egypt. The court also upheld the verd... May 24, 2019 302 Category: Crime News
ISIS Filipina’s Jail Upheld The Court of Appeal has upheld the First Instance Court’s verdict which sentenced a Filipino lady to 10 years in prison with hard labor followed by deportation to her home country after serving ... January 09, 2019 586 Category: Crime News
13 Philippine Marines Were Killed In Fierce Fighting With Militants Linked To The ISIS 13 Philippine marines were killed in fierce fighting with militants linked to the ISIS who have laid siege to a southern city for nearly three weeks in the biggest single-day loss for government force... June 10, 2017 805 Category: International
Man Arrested For Funding ISIS Sympathisers In India A man suspected of funding ISIS sympathisers in India has been arrested In Kuwait based on a tip-off from the National Investigation Agency or NIA. Abdulla Hadi Abdul Rehman Al Enezi of Kuwait had ... August 06, 2016 2494 Category: Kuwait
Laptops Recovered From ISIS Jihadists Are Filled Up To 80 Percent With PORN, Reveals Former US Intelligence Director A former US intelligence director has revealed that laptops seized from ISIS jihadis are filled up to 80 per cent with porn films. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, an ex-chief of the Defence Int... July 14, 2016 1960 Category: International
Suspected ISIS Supporter Threatens To Blow Up Police Office An unidentified person is said to have called Jahra police station and threatened to bomb the place and kill Interior Ministry employees if the authorities decline to release suspected terrorist Abu N... July 06, 2016 6056 Category: Crime News
ISIS Killed More Than 800 During Ramadan Islamic State’s ‘four weeks of pain for infidels’ claim more than 800 lives: Huge death toll of attacks in Iraq, Bangladesh and the US following Islamists’ call for slaughterin... July 05, 2016 2864 Category: International
UK-trained Kuwaiti Naval Officer Joins ISIS A UK-trained naval officer has reportedly joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS)-Daesh, officially branded regionally and internationally as a terrorist organization. The Kuwaiti officer co... May 09, 2016 4246 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Father And Son Jailed 10 Years For Joining The Terrorist Organisation A Kuwaiti citizen has been sentenced to ten years in prison for joining the terrorist organisation Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), and fighting in Syria. The Criminal Court also convicted... April 23, 2016 1084 Category: Kuwait
Germany Sending Tornado Jets To Syria To Help France Fight ISIS German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country would do more in the fight against the ISIS. Germany currently provides weapons and training for Kurdish fighters battling ISIS in Iraq but durin... November 27, 2015 1576 Category: Kuwait
MOI Busts ISIS Cell 1. Abdulkarim Mohammed Salim (Syrian national born in 1962), an arms dealer has a Ukrainian company has been outfitted to buy rockets and shoulder-mounted devices do not wired (is set). 2-Hazem Mohamm... November 19, 2015 2565 Category: Kuwait
200 Students Shot Dead By ISIS Following the ever growing brutal atrocities by the world's most dreaded terrorist organisation, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the world's super powers like Australia, Russia and... November 10, 2015 2091 Category: Kuwait
A Dubai-based Indian Woman Allegedly Recruiting Youth For Terror Outfit ISIS A Dubai-based Indian woman allegedly recruiting youth for terror outfit ISIS in Syria and Iraq was extradited here on Friday and arrested on arrival, police said.Afshan Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph, who ... September 12, 2015 1690 Category: Kuwait
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