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4 Hours Power Interruption In 13 Areas According to the latest report of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Electricity and Water as of last September owed 299.382 million dinars in total debts down 23.241 million Kuwaiti dinars comp... December 13, 2020 873 Category: Information
Indian Embassy Has Formed An Intervention Force To Rescue Distressed Workers When a report appeared in a local daily that the Indian Embassy in Kuwait has formed an ‘intervention force’ to rescue distressed workers from the homes of their sponsors, a senior Indian ... April 24, 2018 2719 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's FM Expresses Gov't Readiness To Cooperate With Parliament Over Work Of Al-Durra Company Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said on Tuesday that the government is cooperating with the National Assembly to facilitate and speed up the work of Al... February 07, 2018 499 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Formed A Committee To Deal With Petitions From Employees Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri has formed a committee to deal with petitions from employees based on the announcement by the minister early this month that his office had commenced receivin... January 26, 2018 1254 Category: Kuwait
38th GCC Summit Ended In Kuwait On Tuesday The 38th Gulf Cooperation Council Summit, which ended in Kuwait on Tuesday, expressed the bloc’s commitment to unity and keenness to attain further coordination and integration across all domain... December 07, 2017 965 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Citizen Refused To Pay Tuition Fees For Mathematics Teacher An Egyptian mathematician sought police intervention when a Kuwaiti citizen refused to pay the agreed tuition fees for a private Mathematics class for his son who is poor in the subject, reports Al-Ra... November 20, 2017 495 Category: Crime News
Ban Imposed On A Particular GCC Singer From Entering Kuwait The ban imposed on a particular GCC singer from entering Kuwait is not because of intentional sabotage, as claimed by this famous artist but it is due to his involvement in several criminal cases whil... August 04, 2017 519 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Public Spending Highest In The Gulf Region Based On GDP According to a statistic prepared by the Central Bank of Kuwait, the country’s public spending is the highest in the Gulf region based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), reports Al-Qabas daily. ... June 01, 2017 526 Category: Kuwait
No Pay For Months For Indian Workers At Mushrif Trading A large number of Indian labourers working for Mushrif Trading & Contracting Company sought the support of Indian Embassy to get their pending salary. While the issues of Kharafi National workers ... April 14, 2017 2701 Category: Kuwait
Repetitive Physical Movements Of Muslim Prayer Rituals Can Reduce Chances Of Lower Back Pain The repetitive physical movements of Muslim prayer rituals can reduce chances of lower back pain if performed properly, according to new research. The study found that not only does quiet... March 13, 2017 1231 Category: Information
IOM Reveals No Complaints Received On Delay In Payment Of Salaries To Expats Head of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Kuwait Eman Erekat revealed that the organization has not received any complaints concerning delays in payment of salaries to expatriates ... February 07, 2017 832 Category: Kuwait
Housing Gets Top Priority By 2016 Poll Candidates The housing problem in Kuwait is always given top priority by candidates contesting the electoral race due to its economic and social significance on the Kuwaiti society. A number of candidates run... November 11, 2016 845 Category: Kuwait
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