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Inmate Acquitted Of Drug Peddling The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict that acquitted an inmate in the Central Prison of possessing heroin with the intent of using it, and of smuggling it into prison in violation of the laws and re... January 12, 2022 162 Category: Crime News
Inmate Commits Suicide In The Central Prison An inmate involved a drug case committed suicide in the Central Prison, announced the Department of Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of Interior, Al Rai daily reported. It mention... May 24, 2021 294 Category: Crime News
MOI Referred An Inmate For Investigation For Clicking Photos Of An Expat Inmate The Ministry of Interior referred and inmate for investigation for clicking photos of an expat inmate who is currently in Kuwait prison. The photos were being circulated which was taken from inside... June 17, 2020 761 Category: Crime News
Central Prison Inmate Escaped From Farwaniya Hospital Security forces have been alerted to look for a Central Prison inmate who allegedly hoodwinked his guards and escaped from the Farwaniya Hospital where he was being treated for an unidentified sicknes... November 17, 2019 472 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Inmate Beaten By Jordanian Inmate An Egyptian inmate was severely beaten inside the Central Prison by another inmate of Jordanian nationality, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a security source the Egyptian was severely beaten durin... September 05, 2019 252 Category: Crime News
Inmate Acquitted The Criminal Court has acquitted a Central Jail inmate of smuggling narcotics (heroin) and brain stimulants with the intention to consume and sell these items. The Public Prosecution charged the inmat... December 10, 2018 411 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted An Inmate Of The Central Jail From Consuming Drugs The Criminal Court acquitted an inmate of the Central Jail from consuming drugs inside his prison cell. According to the testimony given by the arresting officer, he was carrying out routine inspectio... May 02, 2017 537 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted An Inmate Of Central Prison Accused Of Smuggling Drugs The Court of Appeals acquitted an inmate of Central Prison who was accused of smuggling drugs into the Central Prison in violation of the prison regulations. The Public Prosecution had accused the inm... April 06, 2017 612 Category: Crime News
Criminal Evidences Department Compiled Report On Death Of An Inmate Committed Suicide Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have already compiled a report on the death of an inmate of the Central Prison who had quarreled with the former MP Musallam Barrak, reports Al- Qabas ... March 31, 2017 690 Category: Crime News
Enforcement Stopped A New Inmate Of Central Prison From Smuggling Drugs Into The Prison Officers from the General Department for Jails and Sentences Enforcement stopped a new inmate of Central Prison from smuggling drugs into the prison. A total of 12 nylon rolls with substances suspecte... March 26, 2017 1113 Category: Crime News
Prisons Security Department Have Seized KD 7500 From An Inmate Personnel from Prisons Security Department have seized KD 7,500 from an inmate, reports Al-Rai daily. This happened when the officers chose Ward No. 12 for random check. The money was found hidden in ... January 29, 2017 2295 Category: Crime News
Inmate Arrested Officers at the Salmi border post have arrested a Kuwaiti and handed him over to the Psychological Medicine Hospital. The man arrived at the border post riding an old ATV and wanted to cross over into... September 07, 2016 1185 Category: Crime News
A 15 Year Old Inmate Filed A Complaint Accusing Two Supervisors Of Beating Him A 15-year-old ‘inmate’ of the social care home in Salmiya has filed a complaint with the Juvenile Prosecution accusing two supervisors of beating him just because they found on him a pack ... April 20, 2016 1042 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Inmate Raped By 2 Citizen Inmates An Egyptian prison inmate was raped by two Citizen inmates in their jail. The two men pulled a sharp object and refused all his pleas and raped him in his prison cell. Prison administration lodged a c... April 09, 2016 2757 Category: Kuwait
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