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Vast Difference In Infection Between Now And Then Dr Al-Jarallah The head of the Supreme Advisory Committee to confront Corona, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah, said although “the rate of infection is high, and there is sharp escalation in the curve of infections with... January 06, 2022 779 Category: Kuwait
Vaccinated Domestic Workers Infected After Traveling Abroad Will Not Be Allowed To Enter Kuwait Domestic workers, who took one dose of the vaccine against coronavirus and were infected after traveling abroad, will not be allowed to enter the country starting from Aug 1, reports Al-Qabas daily qu... June 21, 2021 1019 Category: Travel
Increase In COVID-19 Infections Seen Due To ‘doubling Of Checks The Director of Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ghada Ibrahim, said the noticeable increase in the number of daily infections with ‘Covid-19’ is due to the doubl... January 14, 2021 512 Category: Coronavirus
Corona Global Infections Exceed 90 Million Reuters statistic showed that the number of global infections with the Coronavirus exceeded 90 million today, while countries of the world rush to obtain vaccines and continue to extend or re-impose g... January 11, 2021 346 Category: Coronavirus
1 Death, 286 New Infections From Coronavirus Detected In Kuwait The Kuwait Ministry of Health announced 286 new coronaviruses (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours 150,584 Total Infections and 1 death total bringing to 934.   SOURCE KUWAITOFFERINGS... December 31, 2020 794 Category: Coronavirus
America Records The First Infection With The New Corona Strain Jared Polis, Governor of the US state of Colorado, announced the registration of a case of a new strain of Corona virus that appeared in Britain, in the first known infection with the highly contagiou... December 30, 2020 291 Category: International
1 Death,205 New Infections From Coronavirus Detected In Kuwait The Kuwait Ministry of Health announced 205 new coronaviruses (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours 150,298 Total Infections and 1 death total bringing to 933   Source  Kuwai... December 30, 2020 897 Category: Coronavirus
Coronavirus Infection Falls To 172  Kuwait recorded 172 new cases of coronavirus over the past 24 hours to up the total to 149,499, while 3 deaths were reported with death toll from the outbreak is 929, the health ministry said. ... December 26, 2020 631 Category: Coronavirus
2020: The Year Defined By COVID-19 As a year of COVID-19 crisis draws to a close the world remains nowhere near finding a definitive treatment, or providing long-term protection, against the disease. The relatively rapid development of... December 26, 2020 452 Category: Coronavirus
2 Death, 244 New Infections The Kuwait Ministry of Health announced 244 new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours 149,017 Total Infections and 2 death total bringing to 926.   SOURCE KUWAITOFFERINGS ... December 24, 2020 759 Category: Coronavirus
5 Deaths,763 New Infection From Coronavirus Detected In Kuwait,Total 128,843 The Kuwait Ministry of Health announced 763 new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours 128,843 Total Infections and 5 deaths total bringing to 794.   SOURCE: KUWAITOFFERINGS... November 04, 2020 916 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Sets New Restrictions To Curb The Rising Infection Rate Global coronavirus cases rose by more than 400,000 for the first time late on Friday, a record one-day increase. While Kuwait has successfully managed to tamp down the first wave of infections, but no... October 18, 2020 1432 Category: Coronavirus
Audit Section Of Ministry Of Social Affairs Suspends Work Due To Infection From Coronavirus The concerned officials at the Financial Affairs Department in the Ministry of Social Affairs recently issued a circular to the department’s staff, advising them not to report for work as three ... September 28, 2020 434 Category: Coronavirus
Rise In Patients At Abdally Health Center, Not For Corona Infection  The number of people visiting Abdally Health Center during the corona pandemic increased remarkably, compared to the rates recorded before the spread of the virus, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting... September 26, 2020 490 Category: Health
1 Deaths,521 New Infection From Coronavirus Detected In Kuwait,Total 99,049 The Kuwait Ministry of Health announced 521 new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours, 99,049 Total Infections and 1 deaths total bringing to 581.   Source: Kuwaitoffer... September 19, 2020 794 Category: Coronavirus
Risk Of COVID Infection Prompts Public To Adopt Strict Measures  According to a recent academic study, increased awareness among individuals about the risks of COVID-19 infection prompts them to adhere more to the health instructions related to wearing masks ... September 15, 2020 534 Category: Coronavirus
Corona Infections Worldwide Exceed 25 Million Cases Reuters count showed that the number of Corona virus cases worldwide exceeded 25 million today, Sunday, with India registering a world record number of new daily cases of Covid-19 disease. The data... August 30, 2020 370 Category: Coronavirus
Infection Detected In Shamiya And Shuwaikh Co-op Society The Shamiya and Shuwaikh Co-operative Society stated today that one of the employees has been infected with Corona virus, the procedures have been followed as per the health advisory to which Cooperat... June 19, 2020 854 Category: Coronavirus
9th Coronavirus Infection Case Recorded The Ministry of Health announced Tuesday evening, a new infection with the newly created Corona virus (Covid 19), bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to nine cases. The Heal... February 26, 2020 408 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Sales & Markets Affected By Corona Virus Infection Fears The repercussions of the emerging corona virus have exceeded the concerns of Kuwaitis and residents in Kuwait about the transmission of the virus infection to their fears of a shortage of some food pr... February 18, 2020 1452 Category: Coronavirus
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