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Number Of Kuwaiti Job Seekers Registered With The PAM Has Increased The number of Kuwaiti job seekers registered with the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has increased during the past 6 months, and more than those are who do not receive government pension and are ... August 29, 2019 250 Category: Kuwait
‘Hike In Number Of Expats, Menial Labor Has Increased Not True’ The government did not fail to address the demographics imbalance but has been pursuing a clear strategy two years ago to address the matter in a way that does not harm the national economy, reports A... August 26, 2019 352 Category: Kuwait
Family Visa Salary Cap Increased To 500 KD Interior Ministry issued a new decision which stipulates the minimum salary to obtain a Family Visa to 500 KD. Earlier the salary limit for Family visa was 450 KD. Those who are already in the fami... August 24, 2019 11698 Category: Kuwait
Cost Of Healthcare Increased Per Capita Over Last 5 Years A report issued by the Ministry of Health revealed that the cost of healthcare per capita in 5 years has increased from KD 258 to KD 345 per year, reports Al-Anba daily. The report, published by th... August 21, 2019 239 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis Increased By 43% In Government Sector Over 20 Years The number of Kuwaiti employees in government institutions increased by 43% in the last 20 years, while the percentage of expatriates increased by 30% and laborers from the Gulf States by 59%, reports... June 25, 2019 344 Category: Kuwait
Remittances Of Expat Workers Increased By 3.9% Last Year The remittances of expatriate workers increased by 3.9 percent last year, reports Al-Rai daily. According to data from the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), the remittances of foreign workers reached KD 4... May 07, 2019 279 Category: Kuwait
GTD Has Increased Vigilance On Jaber Bridge As a result of overcrowding on the Jaber Bridge following its official opening, the General Traffic Department (GTD) has increased vigilance to confront and punish violators of laws and to cope with t... May 06, 2019 300 Category: Kuwait
End Drifting And Speeding On Roads The Undersecretary for Traffic Operations at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Jamal Al-Sayegh has given instructions to the traffic patrols to put an end to the phenomenon of recklessness and sp... April 03, 2019 247 Category: Crime News
Total Workforce In Kuwait Has Increased By 66,000 Employees Of Both Genders By End Of 2018 - Statistics The total workforce in Kuwait has increased by 66,000 employees of both genders by the end of 2018 including 8,562 citizens and 11,394 new domestic workers as well as 47,000 expatriate workers in the ... February 20, 2019 364 Category: Kuwait
Race For The Two National Assembly Seats For Supplementary Elections - Increased Candidates To Sixteen The race for the two National Assembly seats intensifies as four more candidates registered for the supplementary elections on Saturday increasing the total number of candidates to 16, including Anwar... February 10, 2019 235 Category: Kuwait
Fraud And Various Other Crimes In Society Have Increased This Year  As if everything was questionable and prone to counterfeiting the truth and falsifying it, this was not the case in the jurisprudence of the judiciary, which is given the title of ‘truth&r... December 16, 2018 340 Category: Kuwait
Prices Of Plane Tickets Increased By 50 To 70 Percent During Eid Al-Adha Holiday Prices of plane tickets increased by 50 to 70 percent during Eid Al-Adha holiday this year, compared to prices at the same period of last year, reports Al- Anba daily. This price hike is believed t... August 21, 2018 518 Category: Holidays in Kuwait
Slaughterhouses Rent Increased By More Than 60 Times Head of slaughterhouse and livestock market in Dhaher area Saad Albous revealed that the rents of slaughterhouses have increased astronomically by more than 60 times, reports Al-Anba daily. He explain... August 03, 2018 870 Category: Kuwait
Rents Increased By 100 Percent Compared To 2012 CBRE, a global real estate consultancy firm, has stated in its report that the rents of deluxe commercial real estate in Kuwait City have returned to the levels witnessed in 2008, which were the highe... June 24, 2018 687 Category: Kuwait
Power Consumption Increased On Monday By About 360 Megawatts The power consumption increased on Monday by about 360 megawatts compared to the same day last year, bringing the load rate to 12,000 megawatts, which has prompted the Ministry of Electricity and Wate... May 30, 2018 537 Category: Kuwait
Visa Restriction – Bringing Wife On Visit Visa Can I Get On Dependent Visa Later Before 6 Mnts I have small question and I need your support. I am planning to get my wife on tourist visa to Kuwait and after 90 days she will go back to my home country and after a couple of weeks I’m planni... May 02, 2018 566 Category: Dependent Visa
Kuwaiti Employees In The Public Sector Has Increased By 17 Percent The total number of employees in the public sector is 390,000; 73.7 percent of them are Kuwaitis and the remaining 26.3 percent are expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to statistics issu... April 02, 2018 444 Category: Kuwait
Govt Subsidies On Some Products Have Been Increased Al-Dammak added government subsidies on some products harvested in northern and southern Kuwait have been increased, while discussions held with officials of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) o... August 13, 2017 471 Category: Kuwait
Deposits Of Expats In Local Banks Increased By 2.4 Percent The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) has affirmed strength of the country’s financial status, disclosing that deposits of expatriates in local banks increased by 2.4 percent by the end of the last f... August 09, 2017 1907 Category: Kuwait
The Big Number Of Resignations Among Kuwaiti Teachers Which Increased From 400 To 1700 This Year The big number of resignations among Kuwaiti teachers, which increased from 400 to 1,700 this year, surprised the Public Education Department in the Ministry of Education especially since most of the ... July 26, 2017 460 Category: Kuwait
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