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KIB Posts KD 50 Million Operating Income For 9 Months Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announced its financial results for the 9 months ended 30 September 2021, achieving around KD 3.8 million of profit attributable to the shareholders, compared to KD 568... October 24, 2021 115 Category: Business
The Case For An Arabian Universal Basic Income The notion of a government-provided universal basic income (UBI) has been gaining traction throughout the developed world. Although UBI policies face significant political and fiscal obstacles in the ... December 12, 2020 404 Category: Information
Oil Is No Longer A Viable And Sustainable Financial Income Option FOR how will we, as oil producing countries, depend more than 90 percent on oil as our sole source of income for providing and meeting our daily requirements? Some one must stand up and say, “Oi... September 26, 2020 641 Category: Business
Money-launderers Buying Invoices, Bills From Companies To Justify Their Income Sources have sounded the alarm about the recent ploy of the money launderers who have been under pressure to purchase invoices and bills from existing companies for a fee to justify their purchases an... August 26, 2020 4760 Category: Crime News
Household Income Survey – Cooperation Must From Kuwaitis And Expats Kuwait’s census bureau is currently conducting a nationwide survey to determine the country’s median household income and expenditure for the years 2019-2020, the national data provider sa... November 10, 2019 571 Category: Kuwait
Pearls Were Main Source Of Income For Many Families The Kuwaiti people have long been talented in fishing and pearl diving, with the latter being a main source of income for many families. Wooden ships spent months in sea with skilled divers searchi... November 01, 2019 234 Category: Kuwait
Move To Avoid Double Taxation On Income And Capital Kuwait Ministry of Finance and Luxembourg Ministry of Finance on Wednesday in Luxembourg, initialled a Protocol amending the Convention for the Avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fisca... July 19, 2019 315 Category: Business
Kuwaitis Spend 11% Of Annual Income On Tourism According to official statistics, Kuwaitis’ total spending on travel increased by 17.6 percent in 2018, where they spent KD 4.03 billion ($13.9 billion), compared to only KD 3.43 billion ($11.31... May 12, 2019 268 Category: Kuwait
Cheap Oil Cost But Of No Value – Time For OPEC To Find Another Source Of Income There is no need to brag that the cost of Arabian Gulf crude oil is $10 per barrel, or that Saudi Aramco’s cost of production is $4 per barrel. It is not a big deal as low-cost oil is not helpin... March 31, 2019 344 Category: Business
Kuwaitis Spend 11 Percent Of Annual Income On Tourism A Kuwaiti citizens spends 11 percent of his or her annual income on tourism, travelling and recreation, according to a recent study carried out by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This rate is the ... November 26, 2018 361 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Has Taken Tangible Steps To Diversify Income Kuwaiti authorities have taken significant and tangible steps for diversifying income resources, through a comprehensive scheme based on increasing participation of the private sector in the domestic ... October 12, 2018 532 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Is Forecast To Witness Booming Tourism In Light The State of Kuwait is forecast to witness booming tourism in light of the strategy, Vision-2035, and planned mega projects namely development of the northern region and the islands, a leading Kuwaiti... April 23, 2018 846 Category: Kuwait
MP Saleh Ashour Affirmed The Constitutionality Of Imposing Tax On Expat Remittances Rapporteur of Financial and Economic Affairs Committee in the Parliament MP Saleh Ashour has affirmed the constitutionality of the proposal to impose tax or fees on expatriates’ remittances, sim... March 29, 2018 396 Category: Kuwait
Citizens And Expats Have Expressed Disappointment To Impose Tax On Expat Remittances Several citizens and expatriates have expressed disappointment over parliamentary attempts to impose tax on expatriates’ remittances, asserting most expatriates have very limited income. In an i... March 27, 2018 923 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaits Largest Bank Posts 5.4 Pc Rise In Q4 Net Profit National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the Gulf Arab state's largest commercial lender, reported a 5.4 percent rise in fourth-quarter net profit, in line with analysts' forecasts, according to Reuters... January 22, 2018 944 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Largest Lender Eyes Saudi Expansion Plan National Bank of Kuwait, the country’s largest lender, plans to hire hundreds of bankers and open more branches in Saudi Arabia to tap opportunities in the kingdom. NBK, as the bank is known,... December 19, 2017 894 Category: Kuwait
MP Rejected The Government's Alleged Attempt To Infiltrate Into The Income Of Citizens By Imposing VAT MP Majed Al-Mutairi rejected the government’s alleged attempt to “infiltrate” into the income of citizens by imposing value added tax (VAT). He claimed the government, from time to t... August 11, 2017 459 Category: Kuwait
Need To Exclude Citizens With Low And Medium Income From Rationalization MP Ali Al-Daqbasi has stressed the need to exclude citizens with low and medium income from rationalization and austerity measures in the future. He pointed out that touching the pockets of ordinar... August 04, 2017 512 Category: Kuwait
MOC Started Issuing Home Licenses To Expats For Monthly Income Ministry of Commerce started issuing ‘home’ licenses as a way to address the practice of renting a commercial license to an expatriate who operates the shop in exchange for a certain amoun... June 04, 2017 801 Category: Kuwait
A Jordanian Woman Lodged Complaint Against Kuwaiti And Another Operating A Real Estate Office A Jordanian woman lodged a complaint against a Kuwaiti citizen and another Jordanian national operating a real estate office in Hawalli area for cheating. The suspects are said to have cheated the wom... March 23, 2017 1051 Category: Crime News
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