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Five Countries Temporarily Banned From Importing Live Birds From France, Iran, Belgium, Pakistan, and Bulgaria, the Director-General of the General Administration of Customs has put a temporary restriction on the import of all sorts of live birds, hatching egg... February 13, 2022 597 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Bans Import Of Live Birds From Poland, Hungary, Kazakhstan The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) issued a decision to ban the import of all types of live birds, hatching eggs and one-day-old chicks and broiler chickens from... December 01, 2021 217 Category: Kuwait
Strict Conditions To Be Imposed For Import Of Construction Aggregates It seems an unprecedented governmental rigidness will be imposed on the importers of construction aggregates or crushed stones (murram) in the local market by implementing new measures on this commerc... November 15, 2021 241 Category: Kuwait
150 Percent Growth In Kuwait’s Food Imports In The Last 10 Years A study prepared by the Competition Protection Authority on improving the performance of the agricultural food auctions market and its impact on the sector and related markets concluded that the price... September 20, 2021 281 Category: Food
PAAFR Prevents The Import Of Horses From Some Countries The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAFR) issued a decision banning the import of horses from some countries affected by diseases, stressing that no consignments coming f... March 14, 2021 385 Category: Kuwait
Commerce Department Bans The Import Of Noise-causing Vehicle Exhaust Systems On The Streets Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Faisal Al-Medlej issued a decree banning the import of vehicle exhaust systems that cause noise in the street.   SO... January 30, 2021 661 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Bans Import Of Poultry From Kazakhstan, Mauritania And Senegal Kuwait has banned all types of poultry imports from Kazakhstan due to the spread of the bird flu there, an official said in remarks published Thursday. Egg imports, except those thermally treated a... October 29, 2020 639 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Approves Import Of American Vaccine Against COVID-19 Following the announcement made by the US President Donald Trump about the availability of a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 within three to four weeks, Kuwait’s Central Agency for Public Tenders (C... September 17, 2020 1065 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Bans Import Of Masks With Breathing Valve Health Ministry has banned importing valve-fitted face masks for medical facilities, saying they do not comply with medical standards, Al Qabas newspaper has reported. The ban comes in response to ... September 08, 2020 801 Category: Kuwait
MoCI To Import 10 Million Masks From Turkey Ministry of Commerce and Industry signed a contract with a Turkish government factory to supply 10 million face masks to Kuwait. The cargo planes and trucks from the Ministry of Defense will transpor... March 02, 2020 672 Category: Coronavirus
Gas Import From Iraq – Feasibility Study Conducted The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) said an unidentified company has conducted a feasibility study to import gas from Iraq in spite of the absence of an agreement between the two countries, reports... January 22, 2020 318 Category: Business
Ban On Import Of Meat From Virus Hit Botswana Assistant Undersecretary for Control and Consumer Protection has issued administrative decision no. 2093/2019 banning all kinds of ruminant meat and its derivatives from Botswana, including fresh, ref... January 13, 2020 484 Category: Kuwait
Egg Crisis Lingers – Some Countries Prevent The Import Of Kuwaiti Eggs For Certain Reasons Agricultural expert Muhammad Al-Fareeh stressed the need for Ministry of Commerce and Industry to intervene in putting an end to the losses that local egg farmers and national egg companies suffer, re... November 15, 2019 2938 Category: Kuwait
Drones Seen Once Again In Kuwait Skies A few days after the General Administration of Customs announced the ban on the import of drones except with the permission of the Ministry of Interior and the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and... November 06, 2019 511 Category: Kuwait
No Import Of Drones Without Permission From MOI Minister of Commerce and Industry Khalid Al-Roudhan issued a decree banning the import of all types of unmanned aerial vehicles of all sizes, which are operated by remote control system and equipped w... November 02, 2019 345 Category: Kuwait
USA Allows Iraq To Import Iranian Gas The United States has allowed Iraq to import Iranian gas for its power grid for another three months by extending a waiver to sanctions — but insists that Baghdad seek alternative sources. Ir... June 16, 2019 422 Category: International
Ban On Import Of Poultry Products From Pakistan Director General of General Customs Department Jamal Al-Jalawi has issued a decision to temporarily ban the import of all kinds of live birds including chicken, and eggs from Pakistan due to outbreak ... April 29, 2019 434 Category: Kuwait
EPA Bans Import And Re-export Of African Parrots Board Chairman and Director General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad issued a decision banning the importation of parrots and re-exportation of African grey parrots (... January 28, 2019 413 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Bans The Import Of Several Herbal Medicines The Ministry of Health imposed Sunday a ban on import of a number of herbal medicines due to their severe toxic nature on patients’ health and life. The ministry’s laboratory have detec... December 24, 2018 1083 Category: Kuwait
Guide - Indian Airport Customs Duty On Gold Import 2018 From gold jewellery gifted at weddings to investments in gold coins, there are several reasons why we Indians are obsessed with the yellow metal. A notable advantage of gold as an asset is that it ... December 13, 2018 9712 Category: India
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