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140 Barrels Of Illegally Prepared Liquor Seized Authorities seized a local liquor factory in the Subiya area and seized 140 large barrels of illegally prepared liquor. A group of Nepali workers were arrested during the raid. According to the rep... January 11, 2021 431 Category: Kuwait
MOI Intends To Withdraw Article 17 Passports Obtained Illegally The Citizenship and Passports General Department in the Interior Ministry intends to withdraw Article 17 passports which were obtained illegally in order to legalize the issuance of the document to th... September 04, 2020 915 Category: Information
Expat-run Pharmaceutical Firm For Repacking, Selling Medicines Illegally Sized In line with the decision to prevent the import of medicines, nutritional supplements, herbs and medicinal plants via express mail, and not to release any consignment of this nature by the customs unl... February 20, 2020 366 Category: Crime News
Traffic Accident Gives Away 2 Siblings For Crossing Border Illegally In Car Trunk A Kuwaiti and his brother have been referred to the Public Prosecution for interrogation – one for leaving the country illegally by hiding in the trunk of the car and the other for driving the m... September 02, 2019 435 Category: Crime News
120,000 Expats Staying In The Country Illegally About 120,000 expatriates are believed to be staying in the country illegally and according to the Ministry of Interior, efforts are underway to reduce their numbers, reports Al-Anba daily.   ... April 29, 2019 286 Category: Crime News
Glitch In System Facilitated Transfer Of Expats Illegally A defect in the online system of Public Authority for Manpower allowed transactions related to transfer of labor even though these transactions are in violation of the conditions and regulations of PA... March 01, 2019 416 Category: Kuwait
Indian And 2 Bangladeshi Arrested For Practicing Medicine Illegally Police have arrested a 42-year-old Indian for practicing medicine without license, reports Al- Anba daily. He has also been charged with selling medicines stolen from the pharmacies of the Ministry of... October 08, 2018 576 Category: Crime News
Sri Lankan Arrested For Entering The Country Illegally The Farwaniya police have arrested a Sri Lankan for entering the country illegally, reports Al-Rai daily. The Sri Lankan was arrested in Farwaniya and when police checked his ID, police discovered his... May 03, 2018 377 Category: Crime News
Authorities At KIA Have Arrested An Indian Woman For Attempting To Leave The Country Illegally Security authorities at the Kuwait International Airport have arrested an unidentified Indian woman for attempting to leave the country illegally. The daily added, the woman is wanted by law on a thef... February 25, 2018 553 Category: Crime News
Ahmadi Police Arrested A Citizen Of Congo For Infiltrating Into The Country The Ahmadi police have arrested a 44-year-old citizen of Congo for infiltrating into the country who had earlier been deported from the country. The man was reportedly picked up on suspicion while wal... December 11, 2017 540 Category: Crime News
Gang Of Arab Nationals Arrested For Entering Kuwait Illegally A gang of Arab nationals that helped people banned from entering Kuwait to cross the borders illegally by hiding them inside a truck was arrested by Residency Affairs Men. The trucker, with the help o... September 27, 2017 2295 Category: Crime News
Philippine Ambassador Said Some 10000 Filipinos Are Living Illegally In Kuwait The Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, Renato Pedro Villa said some 10,000 Filipinos are living illegally in Kuwait, including 8,000 domestic workers who have fled their sponsors and pointed to the pres... August 27, 2017 605 Category: Crime News
An Egyptian Arrested For Attempting To Leave The Country Illegally And Forging Personnel from Security Supervision in Al-Salmi borders have arrested an Egyptian for attempting to leave the country illegally and forging the departure seal by using razors and red ink, reports Al-R... May 02, 2017 633 Category: Crime News
Municipality Carried Out Campaign On Car Rental Offices Department of Public Hygiene and Road Occupancy of Hawally Municipality carried out a campaign on car rental offices and car showrooms from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Assistant Dir... April 12, 2017 682 Category: Crime News
12,000 Asian And Arab Nationals Have Tried To Enter The Country Illegally Some 12,000 Asian and Arab nationals who were deported from the country five years ago have tried to enter the country illegally on forged passports and fake names, according to security systems of th... April 10, 2017 1264 Category: Kuwait
Iranian Expat Was Arrested For Obtaining Kuwaiti Citizenship Illegally An Iranian expatriate was arrested for obtaining Kuwaiti citizenship illegally. According to the police report, when detectives received a tip-off about the illegal Kuwaiti citizenship of an Irania... March 26, 2017 724 Category: Crime News
Citizenship And Passports Affairs Department At The MOI Has Confirmed The Government Continues To Track Down Those Who Acquired Citizenship Illegally Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Mazen Al-Jarrah has confirmed the government continues to track down those who acqui... March 02, 2017 769 Category: Kuwait
3 Yemenis Arrested For Entering The Country Illegally Personnel from the Farwaniya Investigation Department have arrested three Yemenis for entering the country illegally. They have been referred to the concerned authorities, reports Al- Anba daily. The ... December 09, 2016 1029 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Arrested For Renewing License Illegally The department explained that the Search and Investigations Unit also arrested a Kuwaiti citizen for renewing the license of a trading company illegally. He also renewed the license of a transportatio... November 06, 2016 904 Category: Crime News
2 Nepalese Arrested For Staying Illegally In The Country The Farwaniya police on routine duty in Al- Riqqa have arrested two Nepalese for staying illegally in the country, reports Al-Anba daily. When police searched them, they found four forged IDs. They ha... October 26, 2016 757 Category: Crime News
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