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Woman Set On Fire By Husband During Argument Over Unwanted Pregnancy Dies In Lebanon Lebanese news website reported that a woman died after her husband attacked her and then set her on fire during an argument over an unwanted pregnancy during Lebanon's economic crisis.... August 17, 2022 1023 Category: International
Syrian Woman Kills Husband To Remarry According to the Lebanese police, a Syrian woman was arrested for killing her husband over plans he had for another wife. In collaboration with her brother, the suspect had murdered her husband, ag... March 05, 2022 618 Category: Crime News
Husband Assaults His Wife On The Streets A Jordanian woman filed a complaint in a Hawally governorate police station against her husband for assaulting her on the street, a medical report was submitted along while filing a complaint where sh... December 23, 2021 335 Category: Crime News
Woman Falsely Accuses Husband Of Keeping Explosives At Home A Kuwaiti woman, at odds with her husband, told police he illegally possessed arms and explosives, local media reported. But on reaching the alleged warehouse in the area of Qurain in the governora... November 11, 2021 188 Category: Crime News
Expat Woman And Her Husband Acquitted From Defraud The Court of Appeals acquitted an expatriate woman and her husband who were accused of defrauding the mother of a Central Prison inmate by claiming to have the ability to expedite the procedures for t... October 19, 2021 408 Category: Crime News
Expat Wife Assaulted By Her Kuwaiti Husband The non-Kuwaiti wife of a Kuwaiti citizen has filed a complaint with the Hawalli police accusing her husband of assaulting her several times following a dispute between them, reports Al-Rai daily. The... September 08, 2021 987 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Woman Stabs Her Husband An Egyptian woman stabbed her husband in her apartment in the Farwaniya area. Prosecution ordered detention of an Egyptian woman and on investigation it was revealed the fight took place between them ... September 08, 2021 791 Category: Crime News
Ex-husband Threatened To Murder Kuwaiti Woman A Kuwaiti woman has filed a complaint with the Jaber Al-Ahmad Police Station accusing her ex-husband of threatening to kill her and have submitted the police proof in this regard, reports Al-Anba dail... August 30, 2021 294 Category: Crime News
Adultery Case: Explicit Photos Of Wife With Another Man The Court of First Instance, presided over by Judge Ahmad Al-Yassin, ordered a Kuwaiti woman to pay temporary civil compensation worth KD 5,001 to her exhusband after she was convicted and sentenced t... August 28, 2021 857 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Fashionista, Husband The Court of Appeals acquitted a fashionista and her husband who were accused of publishing on their Snapchat account videos that contained phrases deemed offensive to the honor and dignity of a famou... July 30, 2021 344 Category: Crime News
Wife Says It’s Accident As Stabbing Kills Egyptian Man In ‘home Brawl’ In a horrific murder an unidentified Egyptian was killed by his wife following a marital dispute between them inside their apartment in Salmiya. The wife stated she did not kill the man but rather the... May 18, 2021 782 Category: Crime News
Conditions For Women To Sponsor Foreign Husbands, Children Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior affirmed that a Kuwaiti woman has the right to sponsor her foreign husband and children, provided that none of them work for a public or private authority, and that... March 25, 2021 1854 Category: Kuwait
Woman Beaten Many Times By Husband Says Will Sue Him A case of domestic violence has been filed at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Police Station after all attempts by the police officers and the public investigator at the police station failed to get the Kuwaiti co... December 24, 2020 733 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Husband Attempts To Kill His Wife The Farwaniya Prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant against an unidentified Kuwaiti, whose wife has filed a complaint with the area police station accusing the man of breaking into the house of her ... November 25, 2020 431 Category: Crime News
Who Was On The Line ?  In a rare case an unidentified woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing her husband of assaulting her, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily said it all began when the wife telephoned her ... November 18, 2020 1502 Category: Crime News
Wife Accuses Her Husband For Stealing Gold; Syrian Carpenter Dupes Kuwaiti An unidentified expatriate woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing her husband of stealing her gold jewelry, reports Al-Rai daily. The wife told police the husband insisted that she shoul... November 18, 2020 350 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Accused Of Killing Her Husband Referred For Mental Checkup The Criminal Court has ordered the referral of a 27-year-old Kuwaiti woman, who is accused of killing her husband, in their apartment in Al-Masayel area, to the Psychiatric Hospital to assess her ment... November 04, 2020 395 Category: Crime News
‘Wife Having Affair’ An unidentified young woman who is believed to be in her 30s has been summoned by the Public Prosecution for interrogation following a complaint filed by her husband accusing her of cheating him, repo... September 13, 2020 648 Category: Information
Husband Catches Wife Red Handed Embracing A Young Man In A Car The Public Prosecution is looking into a strange complaint filed by the husband against his wife, who is believed to be in her late 20s. The husband in his complaint to the police said he caught hi... September 11, 2020 2646 Category: Information
Kuwaiti Woman Severely Beaten By Her Husband Kuwaiti woman who was severely beaten by her husband due to disagreements between them sought the help of the Mubarak Al-Kabir police, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a security source, the woman h... September 02, 2020 579 Category: Crime News
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