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This Is How Cooperatives Will Operate In Total Lock Down The Union of Cooperative Societies directed the associations to organize their work during the total ban as follows: Organizing the societies ’activities at the times of the embargo declared ... May 10, 2020 1528 Category: Lockdown
How Can Indians Register For Repatriation? Indians in Kuwait who wish to return to their home country after travel restrictions are lifted can now register with the government of India and send their requests at this site. The Indian Embassy ... May 05, 2020 1831 Category: Kuwait
This Is How The Coronavirus Could Change Our Lives Constant connectivity defines 21st-century life, and the infrastructure undergirding it all is both digital (the internet and our social media platforms) and physical (the gig economy, e-commerce, glo... March 03, 2020 498 Category: Coronavirus
How Sri Lanka Became Soft Target For IS Strike A week ago, Sri Lankan tourist guide Ricky Costa was preparing for a typically easy Sunday ferrying backpackers between Colombo’s tea shops and beach bars in his canary yellow rickshaw. Then the... April 29, 2019 305 Category: International
How Soon I Can Apply For 2nd Visit Visa My wife is in Kuwait on visit visa for 3 months period. The Visa was issued in January 2019. She entered Kuwait on Jan 29th. Now she is planning to leave on March 30th. My question is can I bring her ... March 31, 2019 771 Category: Visit Visa
Marriage Not Registered – How To Bring Wife To Kuwait On Visit Visa I am from India and now working in Kuwait in the private sector, I want to bring my wife to Kuwait from India but I have not registered my marriage because after the marriage I came to Kuwait within a... December 30, 2018 1137 Category: Visit Visa
How To Prevent Holiday Thefts Kuwait Ministry of Interior Tuesday urged families to inform their Area’s police station if they wanted to stay away from their houses for several days and to keep their valuable belongings into... December 20, 2018 308 Category: Crime News
Jordan Teach It How To Fish, Give It A Hook THE Makkah Summit came at a time suitable for changing the direction of public wind in Jordan — from the toxic wind that would have devoured the kingdom to the fresh spring breeze that reinvigor... June 12, 2018 1423 Category: Article
How Can We Differentiate Between Original And Fake Perfumes Many citizens and residents, especially women, are increasingly eager to buy perfumes during holidays and special occasions. However, some may be subjected to commercial fraud or counterfeiting. So... July 02, 2017 1547 Category: Kuwait
Child Born From Kuwaiti Father Outside Kuwait - How To Acquire Passport For The Child. I saw you have Legal Clinic and I would like to ask for some information. I am married to a Kuwaiti national and I gave birth to a baby girl in Europe (she was born premature but now in good health). ... June 18, 2017 718 Category: Legal
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