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Most Incidents Of Fire In Houses During Ramadan Start Due To Kitchen Mishaps Director of Public Relations and Media Department at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Brigadier Khalil Al-Ameer says most of the fire incidents that occur in houses especially during Ramadan are... May 15, 2019 300 Category: Crime News
Gang Of 3 Syrians Specializing In Stealing From Houses Arrested A gang of three jobless Syrian expatriates aged between 18 and 21 who specialized in robbing houses at Yarmouk area was nailed by Criminal Evidences Men led by its chief – Major General Khaled A... December 27, 2018 541 Category: Crime News
Electricity Disconnected For 112 Houses Inhabited By Bachelors In Residential Area Ahmadi municipality’s engineering follow up department announced disconnecting electric current in 112 houses inhabited by ‘bachelors’ in private residential areas in the governorate... June 22, 2018 1002 Category: Kuwait
Power Cut Ordered As Bachelors Given Ultimatum To Quit Houses The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality has disclosed that the Audit and Monitoring Engineering Department in Ahmadi Governorate carried out an intensive campaign in various residential... June 01, 2018 1763 Category: Kuwait
Inspection Of Houses In Khaitan Block 10 Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri has confirmed formation of a committee tasked to inspect houses in Block 10, Khaitan to determine th... November 27, 2017 1288 Category: Kuwait
Beware Of Burglars In Houses While Going For Vacation The recent incident of burglary in apartments, while the tenets are on vacation, worries the expat community living in Kuwait. In one of the recent incident in Abbassiya, where large number of Indians... June 02, 2017 1584 Category: Kuwait
Security Forces Storm Saad Al-Abdullah A security forces surrounded two houses in Saad Al-Abdullah area and arrested relatives of H. Al-Dhafiri who has captured, bomb-making materials were also found in the house. SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... April 08, 2017 5724 Category: Kuwait
Justice Ministry Secures Transactions For Sick, Handicapped At Houses His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah inaugurated on Sunday at Bayan Palace "Najez" project which secures mobile services for the Ministry of Justice.&nbs... August 07, 2016 1628 Category: Kuwait
No New Electricity Charges In Private Houses Of Citizens Before 2018 Former MP Ahmad Lari affirms that the new charges of electricity will not be applied in the private houses of Kuwaiti citizens before the year 2018. He said the Parliament’s Finance Committee wi... April 08, 2016 1081 Category: Kuwait
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