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Kuwaiti Seeks Police Assistance Against Drunken Housemaid In Kuwait, a local newspaper reported that one of the man's housemaids is an alcoholic and poses a danger to his home and children. Al Rai report, when the cop arrived at the complainant's ... May 18, 2022 479 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Rescues Housemaid After She Seeks Help On Facebook After posting a livestream on Facebook asking for help from her alleged abusive sponsor, a Filipina was rescued within minutes by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and the Ministry of Interior (... August 10, 2021 1238 Category: Crime News
Union Slams MoCI Decision To ‘cut’ Maid’s Recruitment Cost Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices has expressed its surprise at the decision taken by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to reduce the maximum cost for the recruitment of domestic ... February 07, 2021 323 Category: Kuwait
Asian Housemaid Sets Kuwaiti Citizen’s House On Fire  An Asian housemaid set a Kuwaiti citizen’s house in Granada on fire, which resulted in damages to the furniture in the house. According to security sources, the citizen went to the police ... February 03, 2020 1193 Category: Crime News
Housemaid Flees With Jewelry Police are looking for an Indian housemaid for stealing jewelry from her sponsor’s house, reports Al-Rai daily. A complaint has been filed at a police station in the Capital Governorate by the K... January 23, 2019 463 Category: Crime News
Maid For New born Baby From Sponsors Country We are expecting our new born by first of week of March this year and would like to get someone from the Philippines to take care of our baby since we are both working. My wife and I are both Filipino... January 12, 2019 727 Category: Legal
Asian Maid Thief Arrested Personnel from the criminal security sector have arrested an Asian housemaid from the north-west of Sulaibikhat who was wanted in connection with theft, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, patrolme... January 10, 2019 382 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti National Convicted Of Raping Filipina Housemaid Sentenced To Jail A Kuwaiti national convicted of sexually assaulting his Filipina housemaid has been sentenced a seven-year prison term. The court convicted him of raping the woman and taking a video recording and ... November 11, 2018 485 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Charged With Killing Ethiopian Housemaid  A Kuwaiti woman accused of killing her Ethiopian maid at her home in the Al-Ferdaws neighbourhood has been remanded in prison for 21 days pending investigation. The Public Prosecution gave orde... November 06, 2018 484 Category: Crime News
Housemaid Commits Suicide Housemaid committed suicide inside her sponsor’s house in Jahra area by hanging herself. When the Operations room of Ministry of Interior received information about the incident, securitymen rus... October 05, 2018 504 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Accused Of Attempting To Murder A Housemaid A Kuwaiti man is being investigated for attempting to murder a maid. The accused’s family claim that he was defending his mother, as the maid beat her. The housemaid denied the claim. Accordin... October 02, 2018 460 Category: Crime News
Asian Maid Attempted To Commit Suicide An Asian housemaid attempted to commit suicide by consuming large quantities of pills inside her room on the rooftop of her Kuwaiti sponsor’s house. According to security sources, when the Op... September 28, 2018 353 Category: Crime News
Asian Housemaid Attempt Suicide An unidentified Asian housemaid who tried in vain to end her life by consuming a large dose of pesticide was rushed to the intensive care unit of the Jahra Hospital and given stomach wash, reports Al-... September 24, 2018 403 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Family And Their Housemaid Rescued As Firemen Tackle A Kuwaiti family and their housemaid were trapped inside their house in Sabah Al-Ahmad area after fire broke out in the house. In a press statement issued by Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD), th... August 30, 2018 445 Category: Crime News
Police Are Looking For A Sri Lankan Housemaid For Stealing Gold And Cash Police are looking for a Sri Lankan housemaid for stealing four gold rings and KD 280 cash from the sponsor’s house, reports Al-Anba daily. A Kuwaiti man sponsor has filed a complaint with the M... August 26, 2018 467 Category: Crime News
Ethiopian Housemaid Arrested For Killing Her Fetus Police have arrested an unidentified Ethiopian housemaid for killing her fetus in the bathroom of her home in Farwaniya, reports Al-Anba daily. The arrest came after police were informed by the Farwan... August 07, 2018 652 Category: Crime News
Housemaid Vanishes With Sponsor’s ‘KD 150,000’ Diamond Necklace A Kuwaiti businessman has filed a complaint with the Faiha Police Station accusing his housemaid of stealing a diamond necklace worth KD 150,000, reports Al-Shahed daily. In his complaint the Kuwaiti ... June 11, 2018 767 Category: Crime News
Female Citizen Filed A Complaint On Asian Housemaid For Stealing Jewelry An infant was left abandoned in front of a mosque in Al-Riqqa area, reports Al-Rai daily. Reportedly, a Kuwaiti citizen went to the mosque to perform Isha prayer when he heard the cries of an infant a... May 31, 2018 543 Category: Crime News
Indian Embassy Has Formed An Intervention Force To Rescue Distressed Workers When a report appeared in a local daily that the Indian Embassy in Kuwait has formed an ‘intervention force’ to rescue distressed workers from the homes of their sponsors, a senior Indian ... April 24, 2018 2738 Category: Kuwait
Sri Lankan Driver Accused Of Attempting To Molest The Housemaid A Kuwaiti woman and her Ethiopian housemaid filed a case at Qurain Police Station against a Sri Lankan expatriate who works as a driver in a nearby house, accusing him of attempting to molest the hous... April 23, 2018 504 Category: Crime News
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