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Top 9 Greatest Hotels In Kuwait You Should Visit There are numerous hotels in Kuwait city that offer luxurious amenities and breathtaking views. Whether you're looking for a five-star hotel or a more affordable option, Kuwait has something for e... August 24, 2022 487 Category: Information
Women’s Team Enforces Rules – ‘Hotels, Halls Targeted’ The Kuwaiti Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) announced on Thursday that a field team of women will follow up the implementation of the Cabinet’s decision to temporarily stop holding all kinds... January 08, 2022 2556 Category: Kuwait
Severe Shortage Of Workers; Hotel Salaries Increase The restaurant and hotel sector is suffering from a severe shortage of workers, including those in delivery services, due to the suspension of recruitment from abroad for a number of service sectors, ... September 21, 2021 503 Category: Kuwait
Best Hotels In Kuwait To Visit As A Tourist There are numerous wonderful hotels and resorts available to Kuwait's guests and tourists. Elegant and stylish rooms, with either modern or classic aesthetics, are available for you to enjoy. ... August 18, 2021 189 Category: Travel
Hotel Occupancy Rate Improves With The Advent Of Summer The hotel sector in Kuwait entered a new phase of recovery as there has been a significant increase in occupancy rates with the advent of the summer season. The resorts in Kuwait are booked as a resul... June 05, 2021 416 Category: Kuwait
Number Of Requests To Set Up Hotels In Kuwait Increasing The number of requests to establish hotels, which are expected to be located near the existing hotels and hotel apartments, has been increasing at an alarming amid legitimate concerns about the ambigu... March 28, 2021 710 Category: Kuwait
2,200 Kuwaiti Travelers Have Been Quarantined In Hotels The Secretary-General of the Hotel Owners Union, Muhammad Najia, revealed in an exclusive statement to Arabic daily Al-Anbaa that the government’s recent decision to exempt some groups from inst... March 27, 2021 742 Category: Kuwait
National Guards Secure 20 Hotels For Institutional Quarantine National Guard forces have begun securing 20 hotels (10 hotels in the south of the country and 10 hotels in the capital and its suburbs), to implement Cabinet’s decision on institutional quarant... March 07, 2021 838 Category: Coronavirus
Booking For Hotel Quarantine Needed To Travel To Kuwait From 21 February, all those wishing to travel to Kuwait will first have to make a booking for institutional quarantine in a local hotel for seven days through the official ‘Kuwait Traveler&rsquo... February 13, 2021 1461 Category: Travel
New Decision Allows Buffets In Restaurants And Hotels Buffets in restaurants and hotels will be permitted, provided there is adherence to physical spacing and health requirements, according to the Health Conditions Committee, Al-Qabas daily reported. ... February 11, 2021 2316 Category: Kuwait
Hotel Employees To Be Vaccinated In Preparation Of Institutional Quarantine The concerned health authorities agreed to vaccinate the employees of the approved hotels designated for institutional quarantine for arrivals to the country as frontliners, Al Jarida daily reported. ... February 11, 2021 669 Category: Coronavirus
Choice Of 3, 4 And 5 Star Hotels For Institutional Quarantine The Directorate General of Civil Aviation stated that the discussion between Hotel Association and DGCA have started regarding special preparation to start institutional quarantine for all arrivals to... February 05, 2021 1668 Category: Expats
Many Hotels Facing Closure Due To Lack Of Business The tourism sector has been completely paralyzed by the coronavirus crisis, and suffers unprecedented losses that continue to this day, while 42 hotels are being affected by losses of revenues amounti... October 14, 2020 1086 Category: Business
Al-Nafisi: 60% Of Hotels In Kuwait Are Closed Due To Corona Arabic local newspaper Alanba reported that Chairman of the Union of Hotel Owners, Ghazi Al-Nafisi, said that the Corona crisis has completely paralyzed the tourism sector in general and resulted in u... October 13, 2020 1172 Category: Coronavirus
Commercial Prosperity Led To Emergence Of Hotels In Kuwait The emergence of hotels in Kuwait was propelled by the commercial prosperity witnessed in the country especially after the discovery of oil. Previously, merchants — traveling via sea or desert &... September 27, 2019 438 Category: Business
Sri Lanka Easter Bombings: Mass Casualties In Churches And Hotels A series of bombings has hit luxury hotels and churches in Sri Lanka, killing at least 156 people and wounding about 400 as worshippers were attending Easter Sunday services. Three of the explosion... April 21, 2019 733 Category: International
Top Official In Corruption – Hotels Forced To Rent Cars Against Visit Visa Issued While the ‘hospitality’ issue of the Ministry of Interior is still pending before the judiciary, sources familiar with the Al-Rai said there is smell of new corruption involving of a senio... April 04, 2019 527 Category: Kuwait
Collect Excess Food From Hotels, Restaurants And Distributed To Those In Need MP Osama Al-Shaheen submitted a proposal for the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) to present a plan for collecting excess food from restaurants, hotels and event halls to be distributed ... April 04, 2019 497 Category: Kuwait
Tourism Boom Seen In Demand For Hotels Assistant Undersecretary for Tourism Affairs at Ministry of Information Yousef Mustafa affirmed that the sector has been steadily receiving several applications for construction of new hotels, resorts... November 18, 2018 366 Category: Kuwait
ITALY EARTHQUAKE MAGNITUDE 4.0 IN ISCHIA, 2 KILLED, 39 WOUNDED An earthquake hit the tourist-packed Italian holiday island of Ischia on Monday night, collapsing buildings, killing at least 2 people and injuring dozens, officials said. Residents and tourists on th... August 22, 2017 692 Category: International
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