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High-voltage Power Lines Do Not Harm Homes Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, indicated that the Ministry of Health's (Radiation Protection Department) newest... March 08, 2022 124 Category: Information
11,000 Kuwaitis Get 2,200 Homes Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Dr. Rana Al-Faris announced Tuesday the handover of the South Qairawan area to the Public Au... January 11, 2022 314 Category: Kuwait
Super Typhoon Goni Forcing One Million People Out Of Homes In Philippines About 1 million people have been displaced after the strongest typhoon this year hit the Philippines, This caused catastrophic winds and torrential rains.  According to the Met Office, up to 31 ... November 01, 2020 1387 Category: Filipinos
Delivery Of The Civil ID To The Homes With 2 Dinars The Public Authority for Civil Information put up the bid for the delivery of civil cards to citizens and residents ’workplaces through a specialized company, so that it is automatically accurat... July 10, 2020 11319 Category: Civil ID
Campaign In Jleeb Continues - Power Supply Cut To Homes In This Week Deputy head of the Judicial Department at Ministry of Electricity and Water, Engineer Ahmad Al-Shammari, said the team cut power supply to some houses in Ahmadi this week after the municipality issued... November 26, 2019 686 Category: Kuwait
No Power Cut During Ramadan To Bachelor Homes The Ministry of Electricity and Water revealed that there has been no cut off of power supply to the homes of so-called bachelors during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the month of compassion, reports Al-... May 15, 2019 310 Category: Ramadan
More Than 11 Million People In India Face Eviction From Their Homes And Land At least 11 million people in India risk being uprooted from their homes and land as authorities build highways and airports and cordon off forests, activists said on Tuesday, undermining a government... April 10, 2019 396 Category: International
1200 To 1500 Tigers Live In Private Homes In Kuwait The French newspaper Le Monde reported that between 1,200 to 1,500 tigers live in private homes in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain, reports Al-Qabas daily. The dai... January 21, 2019 1309 Category: Kuwait
Description Documents May Help Oust Bachelors From Family Homes The “certificate of descriptions” for real estate property may be a viable solution and the right way to evict bachelors from the private and model residential areas to set free families f... December 05, 2018 519 Category: Kuwait
Concern Over Bachelors Living In Private Homes Farwaniya Governor Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud stressed the need to confront the phenomenon of bachelors living in private residential areas due to the dangerous social and security consequences of such a... October 04, 2018 719 Category: Kuwait
Bachelor Homes, Industrial Areas To Be Raided In Illegals Hunt Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham has been paying special consideration to the file of residency violators, as their numbers have reached 120,000, reports Al-Qab... July 06, 2018 2526 Category: Crime News
Superstorms Across India Kill 127, Shatter Homes And Lives NEW DELHI: Severe thunderstorms lashed many parts of the country on Wednesday night, killing at least 127 people in the last 24 hours and leaving a trail of destruction, with houses flattened, trees u... May 04, 2018 525 Category: India
Kuwaitis In California Said To Be Safe The Kuwaiti Consulate-General in Los Angeles confirmed the safety of all compatriots in the area ravaged by California's raging wildfires. In a press statement sent to KUNA, the consulate ... October 11, 2017 938 Category: Kuwait
MP Nasser Al-Dosari Criticized MOE Decision To Reject The Request Of Bedoun Students To Enroll In Public School MP Nasser Al-Dosari criticized the Ministry of Education’s decision to reject the request of Bedoun students to enroll in public schools near their homes. He argued the ministerial decision allo... September 11, 2017 1123 Category: Kuwait
Strong Earthquake Hits Indonesia A strong earthquake rocked central Sulawesi province Monday evening, prompting people to flee from their homes though there was no tsunami warning issued, officials said SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... May 30, 2017 939 Category: Information
An Unknown Individual Broke Into A Kuwaiti Citizens House And Stolen 4 Gas Cylinders From The Store Room An unknown individual broke into a Kuwaiti citizen’s house in Fahad Al-Ahmad area and stole four gas cylinders from the store room and the housemaid’s mobile phone. According to securit... May 09, 2017 640 Category: Crime News
Some Government Agencies Have Unintentionally Broken Many Homes Many government agencies have not been able to execute automation of their systems to protect confidentiality of information relating to some married citizens who are also married secretly to other wo... December 14, 2016 1512 Category: Kuwait
Unlicensed Weapon Owners Homes To Be Raided Director General of Weapons Detectives at the Interior Ministry Brigadier Abdulrahman Al-Suhail said legal preparations are being made to raid homes of citizens whose weapons’ licenses expired a... March 21, 2016 1117 Category: Kuwait
A Fire Has Destroyed 800 Homes In A Slum Area In Mandaluyong City A fire has destroyed 800 homes in a slum area in Mandaluyong City , suburban Mania affecting 1600 families. ... November 26, 2015 1627 Category: Kuwait
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