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Arrivals Unsure About Quarantine Condition There has been widespread confusion and misunderstanding among arrivals regarding the three-day home quarantine, Al-Rai reported.  The daily quoted arrival passengers that instructions were gi... May 25, 2021 1279 Category: Coronavirus
Vaccinated Citizens Quarantine At Home Until Results Of Swab Test Come Negative A health source said that the vaccinated citizens, coming from abroad, are quarantined at home upon their return to the country until the results of the PCR swab that confirms that they are free from ... May 24, 2021 724 Category: Coronavirus
Vaccination Certificate Will Be Mandatory For All Arrivals The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mustafa Reda stated those who are vaccinated will be exempted from institutional quarantine and are satisfied with only home quarantine for those arri... April 25, 2021 3817 Category: Coronavirus
Reduction In Home Quarantine For One Week Proposed With inclusion of Afghanistan in banned countries list has increased to 32. Currently home quarantine is 14 days the Ministry of Health is considering to reduce the quarantine for a period of one week... August 25, 2020 1722 Category: Coronavirus
9 Violated Home Quarantine And 13 Violated Curfew The Ministry of Interior stated that on Wednesday, 10th June. 22 people violated home quarantine and curfew. From these 16 were Kuwaiti nationals and 6 were expat. 9 violated home quarantine and cu... June 11, 2020 713 Category: Crime News
7 Violated Home Quarantine And 20 Violated Curfew The Ministry of Interior stated that on Monday, 8th June. 9 people violated home quarantine and curfew law. From these 18 were Kuwaiti nationals and 9 were expat. 7 violated quarantine and curfew v... June 09, 2020 601 Category: Crime News
Home Quarantine For Coronavirus Infected Preparations are underway for Kuwait to return to normal after the lockdown ends in  June, and allow for coexistence with virus cases as the fight to reduce the coronavirus spread is turning into... May 18, 2020 2071 Category: Coronavirus
Returned Kuwaiti Arrested For Breaking Home Quarantine Kuwait Ministry of Health (MoH) said a man who recently returned to Kuwait and broke the home quarantine Thursday was arrested by Ministry of Interior’s personnel, who took him to mandatory quar... May 08, 2020 739 Category: Crime News
Man Arrested For Breaking Home Quarantine Kuwait Ministry of Health said a man who was recently repatriated and broke the home quarantine Thursday was arrested by the Ministry of Interior’s personnel who took him to mandatory quarantine... May 08, 2020 212 Category: Coronavirus
‘Home Quarantine Procedures’ Approved By Health Minister Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, issued a ministerial decision Sunday to adopt the necessary mechanism in implement “home quarantine procedures”, in a manner that ensures the... April 19, 2020 1147 Category: Coronavirus
Preachers, Clerics, Support Home Quarantine A group of preachers and clerics recently issued a statement calling on everyone to “report those who violate the 14-day home quarantine directive, and those who appear to be infected with the v... March 22, 2020 242 Category: Coronavirus
Home Quarantine For Arrivals From All Countries Citizens and residents arriving from all countries are subject to home quarantine except for those coronavirus-infected countries mandated for institutional quarantine. Obligatory home stay is applied... March 18, 2020 777 Category: Coronavirus
MoH Launches Website For Home Quarantine Registration The Ministry of Health (MoH) launched an online website to register patients who have recently traveled from countries, and are subject to home quarantine. Director of Capital Health Zone Dr. Afrah Al... March 18, 2020 680 Category: Coronavirus
Doctor Arrested For Violating Home Quarantine A doctor working in the private sector, who recently returned from abroad, was arrested for returning to work, and thus violating the home quarantine placed on all recent arrivals to Kuwait. He was tr... March 17, 2020 901 Category: Coronavirus
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