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If Ignorance Were A Man I Would Have Killed Him MAY the pious Imam of the fourth caliphate Ali bin Abi Taleb (may Allah be pleased with him) forgive me for borrowing his eternal saying: “If poverty were a man, I would have killed him.” ... November 01, 2018 962 Category: article
Sri Lankan Expat Filed A Complaint Against An Unknown Individual For Robbing Him An unknown individual waylaid a Sri Lankan expatriate, beat him and robbed him of his mobile in Farwaniya area. According to security sources, the victim went to Farwaniya Police Station and explained... August 17, 2017 468 Category: Crime News
Citizen Filed A Complaint Accusing A Real Estate Company For Cheating Him A Kuwaiti citizen accused a real estate company that organized an exhibition in Mishref area of cheating him of KD 12,000 after an agreement to purchase a piece of land in an unnamed company on his be... August 01, 2017 467 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested An Asian And Seized 500 Liquor Bottles From Him The Farwaniya police have arrested an Asian for bootlegging and seized from him 500 bottles of liquor. The daily added, the bootlegger made a vain attempt to escape by leaving behind his car and runni... May 23, 2017 1100 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Has Filed A Complaint Accusing A Kuwaiti For Stabbing Him An unidentified Egyptian has filed a complaint with the police accusing a Kuwaiti of assaulting him and stabbing him with a knife. According to the complainant the Kuwaiti hired him and his compatr... May 09, 2017 521 Category: Crime News
GCC Employee Filed A Case Against A Citizen For Assaulting Him A GCC employee of Jahra Traffic Department filed a case against a Kuwaiti citizen who assaulted him in Jahra area after the officer stopped him and issued a traffic citation.  According to securi... April 23, 2017 1001 Category: Crime News
31 Year Kuwaiti Woman Has Lodged A Complaint Accusing A Young Man Forcing Her To Have Sex With Him A 31-year-old Kuwaiti woman has lodged a complaint with the Salmiya Police Station accusing a young man of having sex with her against her will, reports Arab Times daily. The complainant said she befr... February 15, 2017 1406 Category: Crime News
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