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A Final Plan To Conduct A Paper-based Examination For High School Students The Council of Ministers requested the Ministry of Education to re-coordinate with the Ministry of Health to prepare a clear final plan regarding the proposal to conduct on-paper exams for high school... March 18, 2021 859 Category: Kuwait
Fifteen High School Students Cheat In Exams By Implanting Bug Devices In Ears Fifteen high school students underwent surgical operations in less than one month to remove small pieces which they planted in their ears to cheat in exams, reports According to a re... January 24, 2020 359 Category: Kuwait
Girls High School Students Punished For Not Returning Computer Tablets To The School Several parents of girls high school students have complained to the concerned authorities about the action taken by the school manager to mark the students absent for the entire day if they fail to h... October 11, 2018 425 Category: Kuwait
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