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Kuwaiti Woman Accused 2 Asian Women Beating Her A Kuwaiti woman accused two Asian women of beating her. At the same time, the two Asian women accused the Kuwaiti woman of beating them and intentionally destroying some documents. In a press relea... August 22, 2019 460 Category: Crime News
Mother Died While Trying To Save Her Children From Fire An unidentified woman died when her house caught fire in Jabriya, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the sources, the woman died while trying to save her children from the fire. The causes of the fire... April 30, 2019 299 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Beating His Wife And Her Sister Police are looking for an unidentified Kuwaiti for beating his wife and her sister, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, according to a complaint filed with the police the wife was at odds with her ... April 15, 2019 359 Category: Crime News
Ethiopian Maid Found Dead Inside The House Of Her Sponsor  Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department are looking into the death of an Ethiopian maid who was found dead inside the house of her sponsor in Firdous, reports Al-Anba daily. The source ... October 30, 2018 477 Category: Crime News
Cheating Egyptian Wife Asked To Film Her Lover Nude Police have arrested four Egyptians – husband, his wife and his two cousins – the three men for assaulting a compatriot and filming him naked, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source sa... September 05, 2018 1564 Category: Crime News
Sponsor’s Mother Assaults Her Maid Using A Frying Pan The Misdemeanor Circuit of the Court of First Instance acquitted a Kuwaiti woman in her 50’s for hitting her daughter’s housemaid on her face using a frying pan. According to the case f... August 08, 2018 797 Category: Crime News
Ethiopian Housemaid Arrested For Killing Her Fetus Police have arrested an unidentified Ethiopian housemaid for killing her fetus in the bathroom of her home in Farwaniya, reports Al-Anba daily. The arrest came after police were informed by the Farwan... August 07, 2018 656 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Filed A Complaint Against A Former MP For Cheating Her The Public Prosecution Tuesday referred to the Criminal Court a complaint filed by a Kuwaiti woman against a former MP. She accused the former MP of deceiving her into having a sexual affair with him ... August 23, 2017 634 Category: Crime News
Court Cancelled A Decision To Grant Custody Of Her Children To A Kuwait Woman The Family Circuit in the First Instance Court cancelled a decision to grant custody of her children to a Kuwait woman. Attorney Bashayer Ja’afar, the exhusband’s lawyer, disclosed she dem... August 07, 2017 542 Category: Crime News
Asian Maid Accused Sponsor's Brother For Raping Her An Asian domestic worker accused the sponsor’s brother of raping her inside the family residence in Ahmadi area. The maid lodged a complaint with officers at the area police station accusing the... August 07, 2017 598 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Lady Accused Her Husband For Slapping Her Kuwaiti lady accused her husband of slapping her in the face when she woke him up in the morning to prepare for work. A case was registered at Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station.   SOURCE : A... August 03, 2017 712 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Expat Killed His Wife By Stabbing Her Several Times The Egyptian veterinarian who killed his Lebanese wife by stabbing her several times has been referred to hospital after he slit his wrist in an attempt to commit suicide. According to security sou... August 03, 2017 685 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced 10 Years Imprisonment To 4 Kuwaiti Brothers For Harassing Her Sister The Court of Appeals revoked the verdict issued by the Criminal Court in absentia against four Kuwaiti brothers, sentencing them to ten-year imprisonment with hard labor for allegedly kidnapping, beat... July 30, 2017 517 Category: Crime News
Lebanese Lady Was Found Dead Inside Her Flat In Maidan Hawalli A Lebanese lady was found dead inside her flat in Maidan Hawalli. The body was deposited to Forensics. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A security source said... July 30, 2017 457 Category: Crime News
Thelma Kouzes More Commonly Called Mom Celebrated Her 100th Birthday Thelma Kouzes, more commonly called “Mom,” celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday with many gathering to reflect on her numerous achievements and fondest memories, including when she h... July 28, 2017 633 Category: Kuwait
Syrian Arrested For Threatening To Scandalize A Kuwaiti Girl By Posting Her Photos On The Internet A young Syrian man was arrested for threatening to scandalize a Kuwaiti girl by posting her photos on the Internet. The girl lodged a complaint at Jahra Police Station in this regard, explaining th... July 26, 2017 431 Category: Crime News
Filipino Woman Filed A Complaint Against An Unidentified Person For Robbing Her A Filipino woman filed a complaint at Jabriya police station against an unidentified person who claimed he was police and robbed her bag containing KD80 and IDs while she was walking in the area, In s... July 18, 2017 873 Category: Crime News
Female Indian Doctor Has Filed A Complaint Accusing Her Husband For Assaulting Her A female Indian doctor has filed a complaint with the police accusing a compatriot husband, who is also doctor, of assaulting her. The wife has submitted a medical report showing injuries on her bo... July 10, 2017 574 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Woman Fears For Her Life One wintry night, a brown pick-up truck drove through the Kurdish highlands in northern Iraq with four men and a woman inside. The oldest man in charge held a pistol to the woman’s right thigh, ... July 04, 2017 600 Category: International
Court Has Cleared A Kuwaiti Man Case Who Was Accused In Beating His Wife And Theft Of KD 200 From Her Bag The Misdemeanor Court has cleared a Kuwaiti man of alleged battering of his wife and theft of KD 200 from her bag. According to the case file, the woman accused her estranged husband of hitting a sens... July 04, 2017 598 Category: Crime News
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