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23 Kgs Of Hashish Hidden In A Spare Tire The customs officers from Nuwaiseeb border post along with Drug enforcement thwarted an attempt to smuggle in 23 kgs of hashish from neighboring country which was hidden in a spare tire by a Kuwaiti c... January 20, 2021 250 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Arrested For Killing Man In Fraudulent Sale Of Hashish Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Salmiya Branch have arrested a Kuwaiti, born in 1997, for killing another person, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the suspect was... November 10, 2020 433 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Of 131 Kgs Of Hashish Foiled Interior ministry Coast Guard managed to thwart an attempt to smuggle 131kgms of hashish into the country via sea. Coast Guard patrols monitored a suspect boat with four people onboard through thermal... June 05, 2020 967 Category: Crime News
4 Narco Traffickers Caught With Hashish The General Administration of Narcotics Control team foiled an attempt to smuggle in 300,000 dinars worth hashish of around100 kilograms of from Iraq Three Iraqis brought came with consignment whil... June 03, 2020 1067 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Citizen Of Possessing Hashish, Intoxicants For His Personal Use The Criminal Court acquitted a citizen, in his 20s, of possessing hashish and intoxicants for consumption. According to the case file, security operatives were patrolling the area when they noticed th... February 20, 2020 335 Category: Crime News
80 Kilos Of Hashish Seized Customs officers recently aborted an attempt to smuggle 80 kilos of hashish and cannabis into the country, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the Doha customs officials the bill of lading said ‘... December 12, 2019 289 Category: Crime News
545 KGs Of Hashish And 3,228,000 Various Narcotic Pills Seized In the first four months of this year, a total of 545 kilograms of hashish and 3,228,000 various narcotic pills were confiscated by the concerned authorities under the direct guidance of Deputy Prime ... November 12, 2019 322 Category: Crime News
Security Operatives Arrested A Person For Possessing A Piece Of Hashish Security operatives arrested a person for crossing the red signal and possessing a piece of hashish. He reportedly told the officers he doesn’t have identity card after he was stopped for invest... October 20, 2019 331 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Customs Department Seized 3 Kgs Of Hashish And Chemicals Kuwait customs department seized 3 kgs of hashish and chemicals which came through an air cargo parcel. This smuggling attempt was foiled due to advanced equipment’s used by customs departments ... October 07, 2019 241 Category: Crime News
Indian Passenger Caught With 500 Grams Of Hashish Customs officers at Kuwait international airport arrested an Indian passenger with 500 grams of Hashish, The man and the material were sent to concerned authorities.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ..... September 02, 2019 415 Category: Crime News
‘Without Hashish I Cannot Enjoy Married Life’ An Arab man born in 1984, who was caught with a piece of hashish in a suburb of Sabhan, has been handed over to the General Department of Drugs Control, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the ... June 18, 2019 1066 Category: Crime News
Indian Trucker Arrested For Attempting To Bring Hashish Into The Country The Directorate of Search and Customs Investigation led by director Rashid Al-Baraka have arrested an Indian trucker for allegedly attempting to bring into the country three kilos of cannabis by hidin... April 07, 2019 199 Category: Crime News
Hashish, Marijuana Seized Customs officers at the Kuwait International Airport have foiled the attempt of an Egyptian passenger to smuggle hashish and marijuana into the country, reports Annahar daily The passenger, who arrive... January 16, 2019 490 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Arrested For Smuggle Hashish And The Drug Pills Customs officers at the Kuwait International Airport recently foiled the attempt of an unidentified Kuwaiti to smuggle hashish and narcotic pills into the country, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily adde... December 23, 2018 586 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Arrested For Smuggling 1 Kg Of Hashish And 4 Kgs Of Shabu Known foreign school fined KD 5,000 A Kuwaiti was arrested in Sabahiya for smuggling one kilogram of hashish and four kilograms of shabu from Iran by using his drone. In a press statement, the Inte... December 21, 2018 280 Category: Crime News
Drug Baron Caught With 63 Kilos Of Hashish, Shabu Hidden In Hole Narcotic officers from the General Department of Drug Control arrested a drug baron in possession of 63 kilograms of hashish and shabu, which he carefully kept hidden in a hole at a livestock pen in K... December 07, 2018 606 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle Tramadol Pills And Hashish Customs officers at the Kuwait International Airport have arrested an unidentified Egyptian man for attempting to smuggle Tramadol pills and hashish into the country, reports Al-Rai daily. The man arr... November 25, 2018 381 Category: Crime News
Arab Woman Caught Smuggling 107 Grams Of Hashish An Arab woman was caught as she was attempting to smuggle 107 grams of hashish on arrival at Kuwait International Airport. The cannabis was found in the smuggler’s purse on searching her belo... October 28, 2018 441 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Hashish And 4 Bottles Of Alcohol Customs officers at the Kuwait International Airport have arrested an Egyptian for trying to smuggle hashish and 4 bottles of alcohol into the country, reports Annahar daily. The daily added, the E... October 22, 2018 475 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Man To Smuggle 41kilos Of Hashish And 400,000 Narcotic Pills Security officers from the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Criminal Investigations Department in cooperation with the customs officers of the Abdali border post recently foiled the attempt of an Iraqi man to smuggl... October 07, 2018 462 Category: Crime News