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20 Kilos Of Hashish Seized From An Arab Resident An Arab resident who had imported large quantities of drugs into the country by sea from a neighboring country has been arrested by the General Department of Narcotics Control of the Ministry of Inter... March 19, 2022 116 Category: Crime News
Five Suspects Arrested For Smuggling 2,754 Bottles Of Alcohol Into The Country Foreign liquor, imported from Europe, was discovered in five suspects arrested by Crime Security. They also seized a kilo of hashish and 2,754 bottles of alcohol. A citizen was caught red-handed br... February 12, 2022 408 Category: Crime News
Asian Arrested With 53 Kgs Of Hashish And 5,000 Captagon Tablets An Asian was arrested by the General Administration of Drugs Control for smuggling in 53 kilos of hashish and 5,000 captagon tablets via sea route into the country. Information was received by th... January 10, 2022 278 Category: Crime News
Asians Attempt To Smuggle 86 Kgs Of Hashish The Border Security along with the Coast Guards was able to intercept and stop a boat carrying 3 Asians who tried to infiltrate into Kuwait and smuggle suspected narcotics. According to a statement... January 05, 2022 344 Category: Crime News
Arab Expat Arrested With Crystal Meth, Hashish & A Digital Scale The Ministry of Interior stated that in its persistent and ongoing efforts to fight drug trafficking and apprehend drug dealers throughout the country, The Criminal Security Sector represented by the ... December 02, 2021 284 Category: Crime News
Asian Fisherman Nets Boxes Full Of Hashish A foreign fisherman in Kuwait was stunned when he pulled his net only to find it had a catch of hashish. The man informed police that while fishing in the area of Ras Al Zour in southern Kuwait he ... November 23, 2021 329 Category: Crime News
Bedoun, Gulf Citizen Seized With 13 Kilos Of Hashish Personnel from the Directorate-General of Narcotics Control have arrested two people and seized from them 13 kilos of hashish. The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Departm... September 29, 2021 335 Category: Crime News
120 Kg Of Hashish Seized From Asians The criminal security department’s detectives at the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Administration for Drug Control, were able to arrest Asian residents who tried to bring a la... August 24, 2021 520 Category: Kuwait
Customs Officers Seize 150 Kgs Of Hashish Coming In From Iran The Director-General of the General Administration of Customs,  Jamal Al-Jalawi, stated  that Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan and others,countries pose a high risk of drug smuggling that w... August 11, 2021 381 Category: Crime News
23 Kgs Of Hashish Hidden In A Spare Tire The customs officers from Nuwaiseeb border post along with Drug enforcement thwarted an attempt to smuggle in 23 kgs of hashish from neighboring country which was hidden in a spare tire by a Kuwaiti c... January 20, 2021 342 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Arrested For Killing Man In Fraudulent Sale Of Hashish Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Salmiya Branch have arrested a Kuwaiti, born in 1997, for killing another person, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the suspect was... November 10, 2020 522 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Of 131 Kgs Of Hashish Foiled Interior ministry Coast Guard managed to thwart an attempt to smuggle 131kgms of hashish into the country via sea. Coast Guard patrols monitored a suspect boat with four people onboard through thermal... June 05, 2020 1055 Category: Crime News
4 Narco Traffickers Caught With Hashish The General Administration of Narcotics Control team foiled an attempt to smuggle in 300,000 dinars worth hashish of around100 kilograms of from Iraq Three Iraqis brought came with consignment whil... June 03, 2020 1248 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Citizen Of Possessing Hashish, Intoxicants For His Personal Use The Criminal Court acquitted a citizen, in his 20s, of possessing hashish and intoxicants for consumption. According to the case file, security operatives were patrolling the area when they noticed th... February 20, 2020 408 Category: Crime News
80 Kilos Of Hashish Seized Customs officers recently aborted an attempt to smuggle 80 kilos of hashish and cannabis into the country, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the Doha customs officials the bill of lading said ‘... December 12, 2019 330 Category: Crime News
545 KGs Of Hashish And 3,228,000 Various Narcotic Pills Seized In the first four months of this year, a total of 545 kilograms of hashish and 3,228,000 various narcotic pills were confiscated by the concerned authorities under the direct guidance of Deputy Prime ... November 12, 2019 377 Category: Crime News
Security Operatives Arrested A Person For Possessing A Piece Of Hashish Security operatives arrested a person for crossing the red signal and possessing a piece of hashish. He reportedly told the officers he doesn’t have identity card after he was stopped for invest... October 20, 2019 395 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Customs Department Seized 3 Kgs Of Hashish And Chemicals Kuwait customs department seized 3 kgs of hashish and chemicals which came through an air cargo parcel. This smuggling attempt was foiled due to advanced equipment’s used by customs departments ... October 07, 2019 325 Category: Crime News
Indian Passenger Caught With 500 Grams Of Hashish Customs officers at Kuwait international airport arrested an Indian passenger with 500 grams of Hashish, The man and the material were sent to concerned authorities.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ..... September 02, 2019 495 Category: Crime News
‘Without Hashish I Cannot Enjoy Married Life’ An Arab man born in 1984, who was caught with a piece of hashish in a suburb of Sabhan, has been handed over to the General Department of Drugs Control, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the ... June 18, 2019 1170 Category: Crime News
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