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Kuwaiti Gets 10 Years Jail With Hard Labor For Issuing Dud Check Worth KD 240,000 The Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Abdullah Al-Othman, has sentenced a Kuwaiti to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor for issuing a dud check worth KD 240,000 and escaping to Saudi Arabia via A... June 11, 2019 899 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced MOI Employee To 22 Years In Prison With Hard Labor The Misdemeanor Court has sentenced a Ministry of Interior employee to 22 years in prison with hard labor and ordered him to refund KD 41,000 for falsifying Kuwaiti citizenship. The court also dismiss... October 15, 2017 694 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Jails To One Yr Imprisonment With Hard Labor For Cheating The Court of First Instance presided over by Judge Nayef Al-Adwani sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to oneyear imprisonment with hard labor and bail bond worth KD 300 after he was convicted of duping a com... June 25, 2017 835 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Egyptians To Four Years In Prison With Hard Labor For Trading In Drugs The Court of Appeals nullified the verdict of the Court of First Instance which sentenced four Egyptians to four years in prison with hard labor for trading in drugs including Tramadol and methampheta... June 19, 2017 463 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Man For Selling Liquor The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Cassation overturned the verdict of the First Instance and Appeals courts which sentenced a man to one year and a half in prison with hard labor for selling alc... June 09, 2017 844 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Bomber To 7 Years Imprisonment With Hard Labor The Criminal Court sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen, who was accused of attempting to bomb Zayn Al-Abideen Mosque in Salmiya area and of joining a banned organization (DAESH), to sevenyear imprisonment wit... April 21, 2017 680 Category: Crime News
Court Has Set The Session Of April 24 As Fintas Group Trial The Court of Cassation has set the session of April 24 for the trial of the case filed against a group infamously known as “Fintas Group”. Previously, the Court of Appeals had upheld the v... April 04, 2017 628 Category: Crime News
Misdemeanor Court Sentenced A Married Woman And Another Person To 3 Months In Prison With Hard Labor The Misdemeanor Court of Cassation has nullified the verdict of the lower court that sentenced a married woman and another person to three months in prison with hard labor. The Supreme Court thereby p... March 12, 2017 790 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Businessman To Three-year Imprisonment With Hard Labor For Swindling A Kuwaiti Woman The Misdemeanor Court sentenced in absentia a businessman to three-year imprisonment with hard labor for swindling a Kuwaiti woman of KD 100,000 as investment for a fake project. The court had appoint... November 30, 2016 1133 Category: Crime News
The Criminal Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen And Sentenced The First Defendant To Two Year Imprisonment With Hard Labor he Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen (the second defendant) who was accused of hitting another citizen (the first defendant). The court sentenced the first defendant to twoyear imprisonment w... November 22, 2016 687 Category: Crime News
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