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Mother, Daughter Graduate From University On Same Day A Saudi mother of five daughters and grandmother of three grandsons graduated from university on the same day as her daughter. Both got bachelor degrees from Shaqra University, local media reported. ... June 08, 2021 515 Category: Saudi Arabia
Kuwait University Graduates Opt For Govt Jobs There is no doubt that many young people are keen about working in the government sector. According to a statistical report issued by the Public Authority for Manpower, graduates from the Kuwait Unive... December 03, 2020 514 Category: Kuwait
18 Naval Officers Graduate From Polish Naval Academy – Kuwait MoI Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MoI) stated that 18 of its naval officers graduated from the Polish Naval Academy on Friday, after they passed the final exams following a four-year study period. MoI&r... July 25, 2020 558 Category: Kuwait
Engineering Graduate On Superiors Visa – Am I Eligible To Get Driving License I am on supervisor visa but engineering graduate with attested degree certificate and my salary is KD 600, am I eligible to get driving licence?   Name withheld Answer: Answer: Yes, you ... April 17, 2019 458 Category: Driving License
Egyptian Graduate Cheated By The Owner Of An Unidentified Company A young Egyptian university graduate, identified only as N.A.S., claims he was cheated by the owner of an unidentified company who promised him and his family a decent life. He told the daily he so... June 22, 2018 468 Category: Kuwait
Graduate Engineer – Can I Change Job After One Year I am a graduate engineer. All my certificates were attested with Kuwait embassy. My doubt is can I change my job after one year? Current company recruited me from India. I heard that the degree holder... March 31, 2018 1370 Category: Legal
Company Situation Is Not Good – Want To Resign But Company Not Accepting Resignation First all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Arab Times legal clinic wing for providing such a helpful information. I am a BE graduate (certificate attested) and came to Kuwait on a g... January 28, 2018 1241 Category: Legal
Transferring Of Residence To Another Company I have been working in a local Kuwaiti contracting company for the last 18 months. My question is after how many years can I seek transfer to another company in Kuwait. Name withheld Answer:&nbs... October 01, 2017 3239 Category: Legal
Illegal To Take Any Kind Of Job When On Dependent Visa Kindly let me know whether professional with dependent visa is permitted to work in contracting or consultancy office? Name withheld Answer: Under the laws of Kuwait it is an offence to wor... May 18, 2017 872 Category: Dependent Visa
Pakistani Citizen Wants To Work In Kuwait I am a Kuwait born Pakistani citizen and my father served Kuwait Air Force for more than 25 years. We came to Pakistan in 1999 due to higher education of me and my siblings. Meanwhile, Kuwait impos... March 13, 2017 687 Category: Legal
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