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India: 13 People Were Killed After Falling Into A Well During A Wedding Celebration In UP's Kushinagar During the celebration of a marriage in northern India, 13 women and girls fell down a well and died, police said. Akhil Kumar, a senior police officer in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, said the victim... February 18, 2022 446 Category: Crime News
Girls Arrested In Kuwait For Putting On Satanic Make-up, Appearing To Drink Blood-like Liquid A group of girls has been arrested in Kuwait after appearing in a video wearing terrifying teeth and drinking a liquid similar to blood, driven by false beliefs, local media reported. According to ... June 22, 2021 1786 Category: Crime News
Boys And Girls Arrested For Disturbing Residents By Playing Loud Music Acting on information police rushed to an unidentified open area in downtown Kuwait city and took into custody several young men and women who were disturbing residents of the area by playing loud mus... May 01, 2019 316 Category: Crime News
Spread Of 15 Dangerous Drugs In Girls Schools Psychological researchers in Ministry of Education has warned about the spread of 15 dangerous behavioral phenomena in schools, topped by “Gender Identity Disorder” followed by the spread ... November 29, 2018 335 Category: Crime News
MoI Sacks Worker For Behaving Immorally With Girls During A Party Ministry of Interior has fired an employee of one of its security sectors after he was seen in a video that went viral on social media behaving immorally with girls during a party held at a livestock ... November 06, 2018 413 Category: Crime News
Parents Surprised By The Presence Of Male Cleaning Workers At School For Girls When a number of parents were surprised by the presence of male cleaning workers in the secondary schools for girls in the Ahmadi Educational Zone, the director of the zone Waleed Al- Oumi disclaimed ... September 19, 2018 464 Category: Kuwait
Girls Swindled In Promise Of Getting Married Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested an unidentified Kuwaiti for impersonating member of a wellknown family and ‘robbing’ girls after promising to marry them... May 29, 2018 490 Category: Crime News
Two Syrian Expatriates Arrested For Pestering Girls Two Syrian expatriates dressed in national clothes were arrested by security operatives for pestering girls at a commercial complex in Rai area. One of the girls had notified securitymen at the commer... October 11, 2017 856 Category: Crime News
CID Arrested A Kuwaiti Student For Blackmailing Girls After Hacking Into Their Emails Officers from the Cybercrime Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department arrested a Kuwaiti student of a college for hacking into the emails of some girls, stealing their photographs and blackmaili... August 17, 2017 502 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested Syrian For Swindling Girls In Wedding Pledge The Mubarak Al- Kabir police have arrested a 42-yearold Syrian for swindling girls after promising to marry them and disappearing after taking their money. ; (adsbygoogle = July 10, 2017 598 Category: Crime News
3 Girls And A Cross Dresser Engaged In A Quarrel In Salmiya Coffee Shop Three girls and a cross-dresser engaged in a quarrel inside a coffee shop in Salmiya area. One of the girls was injured in the face as a result. Acting on information, a team of rescue men was dispatc... April 10, 2017 3335 Category: Crime News
Citizen Insulted The Deputy Principal Of A Girls Secondary School In Mishref Kuwaiti citizen insulted the Deputy Principal of a girls’ secondary school in Mishref area when he came to collect one of his relatives from the school, says Al-Seyassah daily. According to the ... February 24, 2017 550 Category: Crime News
12-year-old Boy Assaulting Female Teacher A Kuwaiti female teacher of a girls high school in Jahra has filed a complaint with the Naeem Police Station accusing a 12-year-old boy of assaulting her inside the school, reports Al-Shahed daily. Th... January 17, 2017 640 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Charitable Hands Reach Tanzania As always, Kuwaiti charitable teams have lent a helping hand to many countries around the globe, spreading messages of hope and optimism wherever they go. In 1999, Kuwait Direct Aid Society have he... November 23, 2016 837 Category: Information
Kuwaiti Girl's Newly Bought Luxury Vehicle Was Stolen An unknown individual stole a Kuwaiti girl’s newly-bought luxury vehicle which was parked in front of her house in Jabriya area. According to security sources, the Kuwaiti girl went to Jabriya P... November 23, 2016 966 Category: Crime News
5 Young Men Arrested For Harassing Girls In Mall The Jahra police have arrested five young men including two juveniles for harassing and molesting young girls inside a shopping center, reports Al-Shahed daily. The arrest came upon instruction of ... October 21, 2016 1205 Category: Crime News
8 Girls Arrested In Cafe Raid Police rushed to a cafe in Salmiya after the Operations Unit in the Interior Ministry received information about a fight between eight girls while smoking shisha. The girls were detained at Salmi... August 15, 2016 1647 Category: Crime News
2 Girls And 5 Boys Arrested For Practicing Satanic Rituals Seven people, including two girls, were arrested for performing rituals of Satan worshippers inside an apartment in Salmiya. Acting on information that a number of people were seen entering the buildi... July 26, 2016 3233 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested 5 Boys , 4 Girls Dancing In Front Of A Chalet At Kheiran Security operatives attached to Ahmadi Command arrested five boys and four girls dancing in front of a chalet at Kheiran while they were caught in a disoriented situation. Officers at the Operations R... May 15, 2016 4099 Category: Crime News
Police Arrested A man For Taking Photos With Girls The religious police arrested a young Saudi national who appeared in a video recording online, taking photos with girls. The IT and cyber crimes unit belonging to the Riyadh branch of the General P... March 31, 2016 2337 Category: Kuwait
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