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Saudi Prince Turki Bin Talal Gifts Car To Man Whose Vehicle Broke Down Saudi Prince Turki bin Talal Al Saudi, Governor of Asir Region, gifted a car to a man whose vehicle broke down in the middle of road in Mahayel in Asir, local media reported. Prince Turki, who... December 20, 2021 988 Category: Saudi Arabia
Cebu Pacific Awarded Gift To New Baby With Free Life Time Travel Points A pregnant woman who was due in October, unexpectedly gave birth while she was flying from Dubai to the Philippines. She gave birth to a premature but healthy baby mid-air, forcing the plane to c... August 19, 2016 1297 Category: Information
Kuwaiti Girl Reunited After 25 Years Ahmed Abu Diah, a Saudi soldier who was a parachutist during the first Gulf War, had no idea that a gift offered to a Kuwait girl would come live to his memory 25 years later. Abu Diah, now retired... August 18, 2016 3025 Category: Kuwait
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