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18 Expats Deported For Gambling In Salmiya The Ministry of Interior's Criminal Security Sector has sent 18 expatriates to the Deportation Center and added their names to a list of those who are not allowed to enter Kuwait or any of the Gul... June 20, 2022 641 Category: Crime News
Jleeb Police Arrested 10 People For Gambling The General Directorate of Security Relations and Media said that ten Asians were arrested for gambling in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh neighborhood by the General Department of Criminal Investigation. The ... April 16, 2022 375 Category: Kuwait
9 Foreigners Rounded Up In Raid On Gambling Den Kuwaiti police had raided a gambling den and arrested 29 foreigners, local media reported. The suspects were rounded up in the swoop that also seized an unspecified amount of money, playing cards a... September 14, 2021 447 Category: Crime News
19 Expats Caught Gambling In Khaitan 19 expats of different nationalities were arrested for gambling in an apartment in Khaitan, and were referred to the competent authorities for processing before being deported from the country, Al Qab... March 10, 2021 572 Category: Crime News
Betting And Gambling Ring Uncovered In Mahboula Apartment The General Administration of Criminal Investigation sent authorities to raid an apartment in Mahboula to discover one of the largest gambling dens in the country with the perpetrators, 29 suspects, i... February 28, 2021 1299 Category: Kuwait
Four Asians Caught Gambling In City Police have arrested four Asians for gambling. They were caught in the Capital Governorate. The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry said a... October 13, 2020 668 Category: Crime News
3 Indians Arrested For Gambling In Garden Of The Sheraton Roundabout Three Indians have been arrested and referred to the Salhiya Police Station for gambling, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the suspects were seen gambling in the garden of the Sheraton Roundabou... February 18, 2020 1017 Category: Crime News
European Expat Arrested For Turns Apartment Into Gambling Den Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department recently raided an apartment in Mangaf and arrested an European citizen for turning his apartment into a gambling den, reports Al-Shahed daily. Th... June 12, 2018 396 Category: Crime News
8 Indians Arrested For Gambling In A Public Garden Police have arrested eight Indians for gambling in a public garden in Khaitan, reports Al-Rai daily. The arrest came after the guard called the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry. The daily quot... May 02, 2018 340 Category: Crime News
Officers Arrested 4 Asians For Gambling Police officers from the Capital Security Command arrested four Asians for gambling in a yard behind a commercial complex along Fahad Al-Salem Street with gambling tools and KD 800 in their possession... January 22, 2018 717 Category: Crime News
No.of Individuals Of Different Nationalities Were Arrested For Gambling And Consuming Liquor The department revealed that a number of individuals of different nationalities were arrested from a house after they were caught gambling and consuming liquor. The house was placed under surveilla... November 27, 2017 718 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Warns Against Passport Misuse Authorities in Kuwait have warned Kuwaitis against exchanging their passports for money from loan sharks and pay off their gambling debts. Security sources told Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas that the authori... November 12, 2017 734 Category: Kuwait
Five Caught Gambling In Salhiya Capital police have arrested five Indians and Bangladeshis for gambling in Salhiya while patrolling the area they found a group of men were gambling at a yard, police confiscated from them gambling ma... October 09, 2017 641 Category: Crime News
6 Bachelors Were Arrested For Gambling Six bachelors were arrested from an apartment in Sabah Al-Ahmad area for gambling. Acting on information and after taking necessary legal procedures, Ahmadi securitymen raided the apartment and arrest... August 18, 2017 718 Category: Crime News
European Expatriate Was Arrested For Running A Gambling Business A European expatriate was arrested for running a gambling business inside his apartment, reports Al-Shahed daily. Acting upon intensive investigations and after taking legal procedures, detectives fro... August 10, 2017 443 Category: Crime News
GSD Raided Apartments And Gambling Dens Arrested 17 People, Men And Women Personnel from the General Department of Immigration, in cooperation with personnel from the General Security Department raided several apartments and gambling dens in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and arrested 1... June 05, 2017 537 Category: Crime News
KD 1,700 Seized From Gamblers The Salhiya police have arrested four Asians for gambling. They were caught playing on an open ground. Police have seized from the gamblers KD 1,700 and referred them to the concerned authorities to p... November 14, 2016 938 Category: Crime News
5 Gamblers Arrested Farwaniya securitymen have arrested five Indians for gambling in Khaitan area and confiscated from them gambling material. They were referred to the deportation department.   SOURCE : AYMAN... November 13, 2016 908 Category: Crime News
17 Nabbed In Vice Den Raid Acting on information and after taking all legal procedures, securitymen from the Immigration Department raided a vice and gambling den in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and freed scores of Asian females who were ... October 30, 2016 4592 Category: Crime News
Two Kuwaitis Arrested For Possessing 61,140 Dollar The Egyptian security authorities have arrested two Kuwaitis, believed to be 27 and 30 years old respectively for possessing $61,140. The men were arrested at the Sharm el-Sheikh Airport before boardi... October 08, 2016 855 Category: Crime News
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