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Criminal Suspicion Behind The Fall Of A Female Citizen From The 8th Floor In Salmiya A report stated that the body of a female citizen was in the courtyard of a hotel apartment in the Salmiya area. A security source told "Al-Rai" that as soon as the report was received and ... August 30, 2020 610 Category: Crime News
Filipina Jumps From 3rd Floor Of Her Employer’s Residence A Filipina worker in Kuwait died after reportedly jumping from her employer’s residence on Tuesday, quoting the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), reports The DFA in a stateme... November 30, 2018 1038 Category: Crime News
Sri Lankan Jumps To Death From 9th Floor After Stabbing Wife A Sri Lankan husband committed suicide after leaving his wife in a pool of blood in the neighbourhood of Hawali. The man stabbed his wife several times in various parts of her body before jumping t... November 04, 2018 599 Category: Crime News
Nepali Maid Found Lying On The Floor Bleeding When police received a report of murder attempt in Hadiya, securitymen sent to the house found a Nepali maid lying on the floor bleeding from the head, reports Al-Qabas daily. Police said, accordin... October 02, 2018 624 Category: Crime News
Police Are Investigating The Death Of An Unidentified Kuwaiti Youth In Sabah Al-Salem Police are investigating the death of an unidentified Kuwaiti youth in Sabah Al-Salem, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, when the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry received a report on th... September 13, 2017 611 Category: Crime News
Maid Injured In Shoulder An Indian woman was taken to Farwaniya hospital with injured in shoulder after someone fired shots from unknown place in Ishbilya area, when the sponsor of the maid saw her lying on the floor she rush... September 07, 2017 1010 Category: Crime News
Maid Falls From 7th Floor In Subah Al-Salme Was Rushed To The Adan Hospital A maid was rushed to the Adan hospital with multiple fractures and bruises after falling from a window in 7th-floor apartment on a laundry parking in Subah Al-Salme area , investigators say she was ap... March 30, 2017 4732 Category: Crime News
Police Are Investigating The Death Of A Female Citizen Fell From The 10th Floor Police are investigating the death of a female Citizen in her 40s apparently fell from the 10th floor of residential building in Fintas area, securitymen and paramedics rushed to the location and foun... January 08, 2017 977 Category: Crime News
A 4 Year Old Arab Boy Dies After Falling From 18th Floor In Sharjah A 4-year-old Arab boy died after falling from 18th floor of a residential building in the Emirate of Sharjah. Police intervened immediately at the site of the incident in Al-Buhaira district.&nbs... June 14, 2016 1936 Category: Crime News
Canadian Committed Suicide By Jumping From 3rd Floor A Canadian national committed suicide by jumping to his death from the 3rd floor of residential building in Nugra area. Security men and paramedics rushed to the location and found the man was dead as... April 30, 2016 1552 Category: Kuwait
A 30 Year Old Filipino Maid Injured After Falling From 3rd Floor A Filipino housemaid in her 30s sustained injuries when fell from the third floor building in Salt town in Jordan recently , paramedics rushed to the location and referred the injured woman to the nea... March 16, 2016 1010 Category: Kuwait
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