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In Kuwait Bay, Fishermen Arrested For Using Prohibited Tools During an inspection tour conducted by the Environment Public Authority and the Ministry of Interior Environment Police in Kuwait Bay, some fishermen were arrested for using prohibited fishing tools i... September 06, 2022 160 Category: Crime News
Union Allows Fishermen To Fish For Mead Inside Kuwait Bay Kingfish fishing has been banned for two months, from August 15 to October 15, according to the chairman of the Kuwaiti Federation of Fishermen, Zaher Al-Suwayan. He also urged all fishermen to follow... August 15, 2022 132 Category: Kuwait
PAM Refuses To Hire Expat Fishermen Head of the Kuwait Fishermen Union Dhaher Al-Suwayan affirmed that the fishing sector is excluded from the first category of the national employment ratios, as there are no Kuwaiti workers in the fish... December 28, 2021 302 Category: Expats
‘Protect Bay From Illegal Fishermen’ Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant-General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf, has told the securitymen and the concerned authorities that they must carry out daily campaigns along the Kuwait ... November 13, 2021 212 Category: Crime News
Fishermen’s Union Calls To Issue Permits To Bring In New Workers After a difficult period during which 30 percent of the stalls were closed because the Kuwaiti fish disappeared, life at the fish market returned to partial normalcy with plenty of fish in the Sharq a... August 09, 2021 490 Category: Work Visa
Fishing Sector In Deep Crisis, Shortage Of Fishermen Head of the Kuwait Union of Fishermen Dhaher Al-Suwayyan says the fishing sector is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the shortage of fishermen as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and the closure o... July 31, 2021 365 Category: Kuwait
Raids Conducted Against Illegal Fishermen Chalets May 10: The Ministry of Electricity and Water, with the participation of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Interior, carried out a campaign against the illegal chalets of fishermen overlooki... May 10, 2021 350 Category: Crime News
Shrimp Fishing Season Ends On The First Of February The head of the Kuwaiti Fishermen’s Federation, Zahir Al-Soyyan, announced that the shrimp fishing season ends on the first of February, stressing the fishermen’s commitment to the times o... January 30, 2021 670 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Bay To Open For Amateur Fishermen The Deputy Director-General of the Environment Public Authority for Technical Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Zaidan, announced that the authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Public... December 27, 2020 306 Category: Kuwait
Fishermen Arrested For Using Prohibited Tools During A Campaign On The Reef According to alrai The Environment Public Authority announced the arrest of a number of fishermen during a campaign on the Shamlan sea for using prohibited fishing tools. The authority indicated in... October 13, 2020 566 Category: Crime News
Fishermen Deprive The Local Market Of Mead Fish Fishermen have finally proven that they are the strongest party in the equation after succeeding to deprive the market of Mead fish at the height of its season, in order to protest the imposition of f... July 28, 2020 1115 Category: Kuwait
Chalet Owner Shelters ‘violating Fishermen’ The Environmental Public Authority (EPA) announced Friday that it had issued a citation against the owner of a chalet for sheltering what it called the ‘violating fishermen’, reports Al-Ra... July 18, 2020 643 Category: Crime News
Fishermen Who Violate Fishing Law Will Be Deported The Directorate-General of Coast Guard has been instructed to carry out sudden inspection campaigns in the Kuwait Bay and surrounding areas to arrest fishermen who violate the fishing law, confiscate ... November 12, 2019 297 Category: Crime News
MOI Has Approved The Request Of The PAAAFR To Deport 12 Egyptian Fishermen Deputy Director-General of the Fisheries Sector at the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) Marzouq Al-Azmi said the Ministry of Interior has approved the request of th... May 08, 2019 303 Category: Crime News
Hunt On For Rowdy Fishermen For Violating Fishing Laws The security authorities are looking for three fishermen for violating fishing laws, damaging the patrol boat belonging to the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) and... March 31, 2019 373 Category: Crime News
Fishermen Freed – Shrimping Charge The Misdemeanor Court has nullified judgment issued in absentia against six fishermen who were fined KD500 each for shrimp fishing during the ban period. The court thereby acquitted them of all charge... September 13, 2018 1195 Category: Crime News
3 Of The 5 Egyptian Fishermen Arrested For Violating Fishing Laws And Regulations Three of the five Egyptian fishermen have been arrested by the Kuwait Coast Guard for violating fishing laws and regulations, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily said the five men were spotted by the C... August 20, 2018 448 Category: Crime News
Govt Exerting Pressure To Freeze Fishermen Union S Bank Account Treasurer of Kuwait Fishermen Union Ali Al-Khayat disclosed that the government is putting pressure on the union through the decision taken by Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to freeze the bank a... August 02, 2018 264 Category: Business
Kuwaiti Fishermen Have Been Suffering From Governmental Negligence President of the Kuwaiti Fishermen Association Zaher Al-Souyan says Kuwaiti fishermen have been suffering from governmental negligence since the inception of the association in 1982. He e... August 01, 2017 656 Category: Kuwait
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