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Fire Dept Rescues 83 People Trapped In Cars As Heavy Rain Lashes Country Minister of Public Works and the Minister of State for Housing Dr Rana Al-Fares, formed on Sunday a neutral and emergency legal and technical fact-finding committee to investigate the causes of water ... November 29, 2020 613 Category: Information
Picture Of Burnt Baby Kangaroo Caught In Fence Shows How Destructive Australia's Bush Fires Are Australia is facing an unprecedented national crisis, the bush fires are tearing through cities and rural areas, leaving millions of people and animals homeless and injured. Reports state that since S... January 04, 2020 1811 Category: International
KFSD Introduced Modern Robot To Fight Fires Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) has introduced the most modern robot to fight fires in hazardous places as part of its efforts to modernize its firefighting and rescue equipment. KFSD D... September 09, 2019 397 Category: Kuwait
No Casualties In Al Razi, Al Sabah Hospital Fire The Public Relations and Information Department of the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) said in a statement Monday morning that the firefighters acting on information rushed to the cooling room ... August 06, 2019 606 Category: Crime News
90 Percent Of Recent Fires Caused By Welding Main reasons behind the building fires are human errors and neglecting safety and security measures, said Director General of the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Lieutenant General Khalid Al-Mi... August 10, 2017 811 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Commemorates 25th Anniversary Of Extinguishing Oil Well Fires Kuwait will commemorate Sunday the 25th anniversary of putting out the last oil well set on fire during the Iraqi invaders. Iraqi troops, in 1990, set about 700 oil wells on fire before withdrawing... November 05, 2016 2257 Category: Kuwait
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