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One Person Dead, 2 Injuries From Warehouse Fire Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) announced the death of an unidentified person and two other injuries with burns in a massive fire that broke out Saturday morning at a warehouse in Shuwaikh Industrial area, wh... June 19, 2021 255 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Dies Protecting His Car From Fire An Egyptian, who is believed to be in his fifties lost his life when he attempted to protect his vehicle from fire which had engulfed a vehicle which was parked next to his vehicle in the suburb of Fa... June 13, 2021 230 Category: Crime News
Woman Passenger Claims Fire To Get Off Train In Egypt A woman passenger had claimed a fire had erupted aboard a train in a southern Egyptian city in order to stop it and allow her to get off at her destination, a local newspaper reported. The train wa... June 13, 2021 199 Category: International
Firefighting Team Controlled Fire At Jleeb Houses Six firefighting teams managed to control a fire that broke out in 4 Arab houses in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area Saturday morning. No causalities reported. According to report, the houses were violat... June 12, 2021 360 Category: Kuwait
Fire At Shuwaikh Garage Damages Cars Kuwait firefighting teams controlled a fire that broke out in a garage in Shuwaikh Industrial area. The Public Relations and Media Department of the Public Fire Force stated that the firefighting t... June 08, 2021 239 Category: Kuwait
Fire At Commercial Complex In Hawally Fire at commercial complex in Hawally SOURCE  ARABTIMES ... June 03, 2021 882 Category: Crime News
Top Fire Official Dies In Neighbor House Blaze Major Abdulaziz Al-Dawas from the Salmiya Fire Station died while fighting a fire that broke out in his neighbor’s house in Bayan. His corpse has been referred to Forensics medicine. Minister of... May 24, 2021 258 Category: Crime News
Two Deaths From A Fire In A Shopping Mall In Jahra Today, Sunday, the General Firefighting Force announced that it had recorded two deaths of workers, in a fire accident in a commercial complex in the Jahra area, indicating that it was able to rescue ... May 16, 2021 463 Category: Crime News
4 Teams Control A Tire Fire In The Scrap Area Of ​​Mina Abdullah Today, Saturday, the Kuwait Firefighting Force announced that 4 teams managed to control a fire that broke out in tires in the Scrap area of ​​Mina Abdullah. In a press release to the Public Re... May 15, 2021 347 Category: Kuwait
5 Firefighting Teams Brings Salmi Tyres Graveyard Fire Under Control Kuwait Fire Service Directorate stated that the firefighting teams have succeeded in containing fire which broke out in Salmi at used tyres dumping ground. The operations room received a call at 9 am ... April 29, 2021 238 Category: Crime News
Iraq Fire: Death Toll Rises To 82, 110 Injured At Baghdad Hospital For Covid-19 Patients Today, Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced that the death toll from the fire that broke out on Saturday night, Sunday, at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad, designated for those infected ... April 25, 2021 186 Category: Information
Al-Salmi Tire Yard Fire 'deliberate', Says Kuwait Fire Force The Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) on Tuesday said that the fire that occurred in the tire yard on Al-Salmi road today was deliberate. In a statement, KFF said that after investigating and collecting in... March 30, 2021 249 Category: Kuwait
Fire Dept. Extinguishes An Apartment Fire In Salmiya Firefighters extinguished a fire that broke out in an apartment building yesterday evening, Al Rai reported. A report was received at the Fire Operations Center stating that a fire had broken out i... January 23, 2021 257 Category: Kuwait
Fire At India Plant Of World’s Biggest Vaccine Maker A big fire has broken out at a plant being built for the Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s biggest vaccine maker, but it will not affect the production of coronavirus vaccines, a sourc... January 21, 2021 1138 Category: India
Huge Fire Breaks Out In A Sanitaryware Shop In Shuwaikh Seven firefighting teams are currently dealing with a fire that broke out more than 5 hours ago in a sanitaryware shop in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. It is being taken care  by controlling and prev... January 16, 2021 397 Category: Information
Fire Broke Out In Tire Site Due To Arson Attack The Public Relations and Media Department of the General Fire Brigade announced that the fire that broke out at the Al Sulabiya tire site on Tuesday morning appears to be an arson attack. An investiga... January 13, 2021 203 Category: Information
Workers’ Abode Devoured By Fire  Acting on information firemen from the Al-Shaqaya and the Jahra fire-fighting centers rushed to the accommodation for employees working at the Al- Naeem Scrapyard and put out fire, reports Al-Ra... January 10, 2021 237 Category: Information
The Fire Department Closes 32 Different Stores In Al Sulaibiya Agricultural The General Firefighting Force closed 32 warehouses, in violation of safety and fire prevention requirements, in the Sulaibiya agricultural area, Thursday morning. The Public Relations Department s... January 07, 2021 201 Category: Information
Indian Woman Dies In A Fire Accident An apartment fire in Mangaf resulted in the death of an Indian woman and one has injured one person, Al Rai reported. A building guard received a report about an apartment fire in the area of Al-Ma... January 07, 2021 479 Category: India
A Fire Broke Out In A Yacht At Salmiya Yacht Club A fire broke out in a yacht at Salmiya Yacht Club. Kuwait Fire Force rushed to the location and managed to control the fire, It was also reported that the damage was limited to the material only and n... January 06, 2021 197 Category: Information