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Up To 200 KD Fine Per Worker Who Violates Summer Work Ban Outside As the temperature peaks, the Public Authority for Manpower intensified its efforts to check violators of the decision to hire outside workers during the noon time. According to the provision of Ar... June 09, 2021 212 Category: Crime News
Instant Fine Of KD 50 Against Violators Of Health Measures Including Wearing Mask The Health Affairs Committee has decided to impose an immediate fine of KD 50 on anyone who does not comply with the health requirements including wearing a mask. In its report on the amendment of the... June 06, 2021 288 Category: Kuwait
Heavy Fine, 3-yrs Jail Director of Public Relations at the Environment Public Authority (EPA), Sheikha Al-Ibrahim said that the authority is using various means to inform residents about environmental guidelines and how to ... April 13, 2021 1407 Category: Kuwait
Former Health Minister Dismissed With A Fine Of KD 20,000 In the first ruling of the conviction of minister, the Court today, Thursday, dismissed the former Minister of Health, Ali Al-Obeidi, and others with a fine of KD 20,000, Al Qabas reported. Ministe... March 18, 2021 1122 Category: Kuwait
Imprisonment And Fine Up To 10,000 KD For Breaking Curfew The Ministry of Interior has developed a plan to impose curfew throughout the country with mechanisms with police personnel in cooperation with the National Guard and the Ministry of Defense. The sect... March 06, 2021 741 Category: Coronavirus
‘Cat Killer’ Held, Faces Fine The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) strongly condemned what has been published in the social media showing an unidentified person mutilating and killing a number ... March 04, 2021 392 Category: Crime News
Bill Sets One Year Jail, KD 3,000 Fine For Sexual Harassment MPs Abdullah Al-Mudaf, Mehalhal Al-Mudaf, Muhannad Al-Sayer, Badr Al-Mullah and Hassan Jawhar submitted a bill regarding sexual harassment in response to a report aired on Al-Qabas TV recently. The... February 13, 2021 423 Category: Kuwait
6 Month Jail And 10,000 Dinar Fine For Violating Health Instructions - Ministry Of Interior The Ministry of Interior announced that anyone who violates the instructions of the health authorities regarding the prevention of communicable diseases will be punished with imprisonment for a period... February 06, 2021 900 Category: Health
500 KD Fine And Immediate Return For Fake PCR Certificates An official source at Kuwait International Airport revealed to Al-Qabas that the penalties imposed in the event of discovering a Any passenger who found to be with forged PCR certificate will be se... February 03, 2021 504 Category: Kuwait
Twelve Defendants Fined KD 500 For Misusing The Internet The misdemeanor court issued 12 judgments fining 12 defendants an amount of KD 500 in one case and making them take pledges of future commitment to good behavior in using the information network, Al-R... February 01, 2021 1162 Category: Crime News
PAM AUTOMATION SYSTEM DELAYS TAX 5,000 WITH KD 2 DAILY RESIDENCE FINE A new mechanism has been launched for assessing the need of employees after the launch of the new automated system which will be according to certain rules and depending on the type and the area of th... January 19, 2021 375 Category: Kuwait
KD 100 Fine For Not Wearing Face Mask – Bill Introduced He wants to know the plan of the ministry on completing the vaccination process and if it intends to recruit vaccination teams from other countries. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Committee met Assistant... January 13, 2021 705 Category: Coronavirus
Up To 1000 KD Fine For Illegal Stickers In Mubarakiya Market The head of the Al-Mubarakiya Development and Beautification Committee, Sheikha Amthal Al-Ahmad, made a surprise inspection campaign at Al-Mubarakiya market and recorded several violations of random s... January 12, 2021 266 Category: Information
Sticking Advertisements In Soukh Mubarakiya Leads To Fine Between 100 KD – 1,000 KD The head of the Al-Mubarakiya Development and Beautification Committee, Sheikha Amthal Al-Ahmad surprised Al-Mubarakiya Market to check on cleaning work, road works and building development, and to fi... January 11, 2021 200 Category: Business
Renew Residency Before The Year Ends Or Pay Fine  The Public Authority for Manpower has warned those whose residency will expire before January 12 not to fall into problems and end up paying fines. The PAM sources said those who fall in this ca... December 27, 2020 990 Category: Information
Fine For Throwing The Waste In Public Places Arabic local newspaper Alanba reported that The Environment Public Authority is implementing an extensive media campaign to urge those who visit beaches and desert areas to maintain public hygiene and... November 23, 2020 352 Category: Information
KD500 Fine For Illegal Disposal Of Garbage As Kuwait Gets Tough On Litterbugs Kuwaiti authorities are carrying out a public awareness campaign against littering public places. The drive spearheaded by the Environment Public Authority targets beach-goers and desert picnickers ur... November 22, 2020 491 Category: Crime News
KD 250 Fine For Burning Coal EPA Warns Public The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has stressed the need for the public to remain committed to protecting the environment; especially now that more people are going out on picnics due to the good ... November 11, 2020 734 Category: Information
2 Yrs Prison And Fine For Fashionista And Her Husband For Immoral Act The criminal court has sentenced a Fashionista and her husband to two years in prison and fined the couple two thousand dinars and ordered to pay 1,000 dinars bail to suspend the sentence, reports Al-... November 06, 2020 1925 Category: Crime News
Kuwaitis Reject Decision To Heavily Fine Those Without Masks The decision taken by the Higher Ministerial Committee, which is in charge of following up on the repercussions of the COVID 19 crisis, to impose immediate fines against those who do not wear a mask i... October 17, 2020 953 Category: Kuwait