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Pinoys Stranded In Privatized War; Contractors Stuck In Dubai Some of the foreign contractors who powered the logistics of America’s “forever war” in Afghanistan now find themselves stranded on an unending layover in Dubai without a way to get ... August 09, 2021 317 Category: International
Kuwaitis Should Have Minimum Salary Of KD 1000 To Recruit Filipino Domestic Workers Kuwaiti citizens intending to recruit Filipino domestic workers would have to have a minimum salary of KD 1000 for a family of three members, Arabic daily Al Jarida reported recently adding that the n... June 10, 2021 11921 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Maid Claims Abuse Behind Suicide Bid A Filipino domestic helper in Kuwait claimed abuse from her employer had prompted her to attempt suicide earlier this month, local media reported. The woman, now in hospital, accused her Arab ... May 29, 2021 491 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Sentenced To 15 Yrs Imprisonment For Torturing Her Filipino Maid To Death The Court of Appeals has overturned the verdict of the lower court and sentenced a Kuwaiti woman to 15 years imprisonment with hard labor for torturing her Filipino maid to death, reports Al-Seyassah ... May 27, 2021 568 Category: Crime News
Five Reasons Filipino Domestic Workers’ Recruitment Will Remain Low For An Entire Year Head of the Voluntary Committee to Study the Situation of the Domestic Workers Sector, Bassam Al-Shammari, revealed that Filipino domestic labor applications to Kuwait may remain at low levels for abo... May 26, 2021 2128 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Arrested With 10 Kg Of Drugs Brought In From Pakistan A Filipino was arrested in Farwaniya by the Narcotics department in possession of 10 kg of heroin and meth whose value is estimated to be 180,000 dinars. Filipino admitted that the drugs were from Pak... April 27, 2021 1534 Category: Crime News
The Philippine Embassy Has Begun To Certify The Applications Of Its New Domestic Workers Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that the head of the Committee to Evaluate the Status of Domestic Workers in Kuwait, Bassam Al-Shammari, revealed that the Philippine embassy in the country had... April 04, 2021 335 Category: Filipinos
The Philippines Informed The Public Authority For Manpower To Re-send Its Workers In Early April Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that The meeting held yesterday between the Public Authority for Manpower, represented by the departments of organizing the recruitment of domestic workers and... March 23, 2021 631 Category: Filipinos
Manpower: Procedures Have Been Completed For The Recruitment Of Filipino Domestic Workers The Public Authority for Manpower announced the completion of the procedures for starting the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers. The authority said that a new meeting was held today with rep... March 23, 2021 378 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Maid Threatens To Slit Her Wrist – Want To Go Back To Philippines A Filipino maid threatened to commit suicide with a knife by cutting her wrist while talking to her family over a video call. The reason to take such drastic action was that she wanted to go back to P... March 10, 2021 783 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Maids Recruitment Possible Beginning Next Month A breakthrough has appeared with regard to the end of the crisis related to shortage of domestic workers in the country, which was exacerbated by the measures taken by the authorities due to the COVID... March 10, 2021 496 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Domestic Workers’ Recruitment To Possibly Return On March 9th A meeting was held between Kuwaiti and Filipino domestic workers’ offices on 23 February, over the Zoom app which involved discussing some pending issues in preparation for the reopening of the ... February 25, 2021 1024 Category: Filipinos
No Filipino Worker Claimed They Were Forced To Work, Says Embassy The Philippine ambassador to Kuwait, Muhammad Nur al-Din Lomondot affirmed that the embassy had not received any complaint from any Filipino worker, about being detained by their sponsors and forced t... February 11, 2021 305 Category: Filipinos
DFA Halt To Blood Money Payout Over Villavende' S Death Filipino foreign secretary, Teodoro Locsin Jr.: The P7.5m blood money to pay off this horror is changing hands even as I tweet, we must match the P7.5m offer to her surviving kin — now The Vi... January 27, 2021 693 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Maid’s Death Registered As ‘criminal Suspicion’ The remains of an unidentified Filipina domestic worker, who died inside the house of her sponsor, have been referred to Forensics for an autopsy, reports Al-Anba daily. The Public Prosecution has dir... December 30, 2020 455 Category: Crime News
A Filipino Woman Died In Her Employer's Home Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that A Filipino maid died while criminal suspicion hangs over the cause of death. He informed the citizen of operations that he saw the maid lying on the ground ... December 29, 2020 1590 Category: Filipinos
Bangladeshi Attempts To Rape Filipino Maid Police have arrested an unidentified Bangladeshi for allegedly attempting to rape a Filipino domestic helper, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the incident happened in Surrah. The suspect wa... December 24, 2020 868 Category: Crime News
Kuwait - Kuwaiti Man punches Filipino Worker for asking him to wear mask A Filipino worker was punched in the face by an angry Kuwaiti man after he requested him to wear a face mask, local media reported. The Kuwaiti man entered a cafe next to Alfa fuel station in Shaab, n... December 09, 2020 594 Category: Crime News
Filipino worker punched in face for asking man to wear mask Police are looking for an unidentified Kuwaiti for punching a Filipino in the face because the latter requested the former to wear a face mask, says Al-Seyassah . According to security sources the Kuw... December 08, 2020 866 Category: Crime News
Last Group Of Stranded Filipino MoH Staff & Dependents Arrive In Kuwait The last group of stranded Filipino staff at the Kuwait Ministry of Health (MoH) together with their dependents arrived in Kuwait on Monday on board a Kuwait Airways chartered flight from Manila organ... December 03, 2020 428 Category: Filipinos
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