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Fears Among People In Kuwait To Take COVID-19 Vaccination The response to a questionnaire conducted by Al-Qabas daily on its Twitter account concerning preparation to take COVID-19 vaccine if it arrives in Kuwait came as a surprise, as 46 percent of the resp... December 10, 2020 543 Category: Coronavirus
Ex-wife Fears Man A Kuwaiti, born in 1972, has been arrested and detained at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Police Station for drinking in a public place, reports Al-Anba daily. The arrest came after his ex-wife who lives in the d... October 12, 2020 727 Category: Information
A Kuwaiti Woman Fears For Lives Of Daughter And Son 50-year-old Kuwaiti woman complained to the Ardhiya Police Station, that she fears for her son that one day he will commit suicide or kill her 28-year-old daughter because of his recklessness, reports... August 23, 2020 620 Category: Life
Kuwait Sales & Markets Affected By Corona Virus Infection Fears The repercussions of the emerging corona virus have exceeded the concerns of Kuwaitis and residents in Kuwait about the transmission of the virus infection to their fears of a shortage of some food pr... February 18, 2020 1489 Category: Coronavirus
Bankruptcy Fears On Labor Law Bill – 35 Days Annual Leave Costly A high-ranking government source warned that it would be, what he called a repelling environment, for Kuwaiti employees, if the amendment to the National Labor Law to give employees (Kuwaitis and expa... April 05, 2019 1522 Category: Kuwait
Price Rise Fears In Private Healthcare  With the recent decisions of the Ministry of Health to amend and add fees for health services related to the licenses of private medical establishments, licenses of medical practitioners and sup... March 13, 2019 382 Category: Kuwait
MPs Express Fears On Fake Nationalities A number of MPs have reacted to what was published by Al-Rai recently about the senior officer in the Ministry of Defense who is said to have acquired the nationality through fraudulent methods, sayin... February 21, 2019 287 Category: Kuwait
Delay T2 Operations Contract – Fears Of Monopoly General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development has requested Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to delay signing the contract with a global operator for the manageme... January 16, 2019 614 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Fears Bloodletting In Idlib A military option in Syria’s Idlib would have catastrophic humanitarian consequences, especially with half of the governorate’s population are internally-displaced, Kuwait said before the ... August 30, 2018 355 Category: International
Iraqi Woman Fears For Her Life One wintry night, a brown pick-up truck drove through the Kurdish highlands in northern Iraq with four men and a woman inside. The oldest man in charge held a pistol to the woman’s right thigh, ... July 04, 2017 621 Category: International
Fears Of Possible Serial Child Rapist Police say they have arrested a man who raped three Egyptians and there are fears more victims may still be out there, the 20-year-old Bedoon man was arrested by Farwaniya detectives on charges of kid... June 19, 2017 643 Category: Crime News
Terror Attack Fears After Blasts At Brussels Airport Force Passengers To Free Passengers are being evacuated froM Brussels airport, where two loud explosions have been heard. Smoke was seen rising from a terminal building and Belgian media reported that several people were inju... March 22, 2016 1467 Category: Kuwait
An Arab Woman Fears Ex-husband May Disappear With Children The Personal Status Section in the Court of Appeals upheld the ruling of a lower court which barred an Australian man from traveling with his two children to Australia for tourism, as his exwife &ndas... February 16, 2016 1405 Category: Kuwait
Senegal, Banned Women From Wearing Burka Amid Terror Fears Senegal bans burka amid terror fears in the West African country.  The interior minister, Abdoulaye Daouda, said women would no longer be allowed to wear the Islamic dress, which leaves only... November 19, 2015 1921 Category: Kuwait
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