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‘No Barrier On Non-Kuwaiti Families Residing In Private And Model Housing Areas’ – Governor’s Proposal Criticized “According to the legislation and regulations currently in force in Kuwait Municipality, there is no legal barrier preventing non-Kuwaiti families from residing in private and model housing area... December 15, 2021 426 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait 2nd Among Gulf For Middle-pay Families – ‘Not Business-friendly’ According to the British “Oxford Economics Institution for Economic Studies, Kuwait has been ranked second in the Gulf after Saudi Arabia in terms of the number of middle-income families, report... November 27, 2021 273 Category: Kuwait
‘Kuwaiti Families Spend KD 1270 and Expats Spend KD 296 A Kuwaiti family spends about KD1,270 per month in the retail sector; compared to KD296 for an expatriate family, reports Al-Rai daily based on the results of a study carried out by the Real Estates A... November 08, 2021 6225 Category: Kuwait
‘Expedite Work On City For Bachelors’ – ‘No Living In Family Areas’ The Capital Governor Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Ahmad Al- Sabah urged the concerned authorities to quickly work on the construction of labor cities, something that has been expected for years, consider... July 12, 2021 526 Category: Expats
4 New Categories Allowed To Transfer From Family Visa To Work Visa The Public Authority for Manpower has added 4 new categories that are allowed to transfer from a residence permit from family ( Article 22) , to a work permit (Article 18). After extensive study by sp... December 15, 2020 1607 Category: Work Visa
Some Families Suffer From Lack Of E-education Devices According to an educational source, some families in Kuwait have been suffering from lack of equipment for the education of their children. This prompted the Ministry of Education not to prolong ea... December 14, 2020 319 Category: Education
Proposal To Allow Families To Set Up Camps In Their Backyards Due to the cancellation of spring camping season this year and the probability of extending it to December 2020 in light of the health measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country, a membe... October 15, 2020 936 Category: Information
Maids And Drivers A Basic Necessity For Most Of Kuwaiti Families Domestic workers are among the basic necessities of daily life in Kuwait, as most families depend on them to carry out the housework and take care of children or the elderly and other matters. However... October 12, 2020 647 Category: Kuwait
Many Families Face Uncertain Future The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) passed a decision to stop issuing work permits for expats aged over 60 without a university degree, and any residencies and visas will not be extended beyond Au... September 06, 2020 1136 Category: Kuwait
Decisions Tied To Age 60, Work Visa Transfer Confuse Families  The most recent decision of the Public Authority for Manpower to delay those who are 60 years old until the beginning of next January to renew their work permits once before they leave the count... September 06, 2020 1430 Category: Visit Visa
Mahboula Field Clinic Serves Almost 200,000 People, Bachelors And Families Hours before the exceptional session of the Council of Ministers and the subsequent decisive decisions about moving to the next stage to return to life, and whether or not to designate new areas for t... June 27, 2020 2016 Category: Kuwait
Threats To Families Of US Soldiers In Kuwait – Leave The Middle East The US Army’s 1st brigade combat division, stationed in Kuwait, sent a warning to family members of its paratroopers, calling on them to verify “secure and double check the status of their... January 18, 2020 752 Category: Kuwait
1.215 Million Expat Families Live In Sharing Accommodation In Kuwait Government statistics revealed that the total number of expats living in sharing accommodation along with other families in Kuwait is around 1.215 million reports Al Anba. The statistics shows that... November 20, 2019 8977 Category: Kuwait
Pearls Were Main Source Of Income For Many Families The Kuwaiti people have long been talented in fishing and pearl diving, with the latter being a main source of income for many families. Wooden ships spent months in sea with skilled divers searchi... November 01, 2019 274 Category: Kuwait
Low Income Families In Kuwait Aided At Start Of Scholastic Year Kuwaiti humanitarian and welfare associations are helping low-income families with donations at launch of the new scholastic season where financial burdens on them noticeably pile up. As regularly ... September 01, 2019 531 Category: Kuwait
Fight Between Two Egyptian Families Two Egyptian families have been referred for investigation after they blamed each other of causing injuries during a fight between them, reports Al-Rai daily.   The daily added, both famili... May 29, 2019 834 Category: Crime News
Expat Families Can Stay In Residential Areas Head of the committee that was formed to follow up the phenomenon of bachelors living in private residential areas said there is no problem in renting citizens’ apartments in licensed private re... March 19, 2019 466 Category: Kuwait
If Wrong Economic Policies Continue It Will Harm Kuwaiti Families Dr Hamad Al-Munawar said a Kuwaiti family suffers a great deal which will end in the family living below the poverty line if wrong economic policies continue, reports Al-Rai daily. Speaking at a we... March 19, 2019 339 Category: Kuwait
Businesses In Residential Investment Buildings Scare Some Families Away At a time when real-estate investment sector is suffering from a clear crisis due to drop in the demand and increase in the number of vacant apartments, it is facing a problem of another kind these da... March 06, 2019 336 Category: Kuwait
220,888 Kuwaiti Families In Country With Average Of Six Per Family There are a total of 220,888 Kuwaiti families in the country with an average of six members per family, according to official data until January 1, 2018, reports Al-Nahar daily. According to inform... January 28, 2019 590 Category: Kuwait
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